The 8 Best Waterproof LED Light Strips for Boats Reviewed (2024)

Hey there, fellow water lovers! As a boating enthusiast myself, I find it impossible to resist the enchanting tranquillity of drifting on a beautiful moonlit night. But let’s face it, without the right kind of lighting, navigating through the calmest of waters can turn into quite the challenge. That’s where LED boat lights come in. These little wonders are far more than just decorative; they’re lifesavers, literally!

Having originated in the mid-20th century, LED lights have come a long way, especially when it comes to their use in offshore adventures. They’ve transformed from being mere functional necessities to an element that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your yacht, sailboat, or kayak. Benefits go way beyond aesthetics, though; they also contribute greatly to safety by serving as navigation, fishing, deck or accent light, adding extra visibility when we need it most. Honestly, I believe every boat owner should invest in a quality set of LED boat lights.

In the next few sections, I’ll be getting up close and personal with an array of excellent LED boat lights from respectable manufacturers such as HOKIION, TENDIST, Vbakor and Seaponer. I’ll scrutinize their features, highlights and specs, so you can find the best one to suit your boat and your boating lifestyle. Looking forward to this illuminating journey! So, tighten up your life vests and let’s ride this wave together!

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HOKIION 12V 20FT Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Boat with Extension Cable – Green

HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights, 12V 20FT Marine Led Strip Lights, Waterproof Boat Interior Light, Under Gunnel Lights, Boat Deck Light, Night Fishing Lights with Extension Cable for Boat (Green)

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The HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights are an exemplar combination of decorative and functional lighting for boats. As a boating enthusiast, I found these LED strips ultra-useful, not just for illuminating the deck, but also during my nighttime fishing trips. With 12V 20FT Marine Led Strip Lights, waterproof boat interior lighting, and under gunnel lights, your boating experience is about to be taken to another level.

As a long-term boat owner, what drew me to these lights was the “Super Bright LED Strip” feature. There are 360 Pcs of super bright 5050 Green LEDs that are evenly distributed and give off a radiating blue light. If you’ve ever struggled to navigate your boat in low light conditions, these strip lights are a game changer!

At its core, HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights is designed to enhance visibility and safety while adding a touch of elegance to your boat. A striking feature of the product is its flexible design, allowing you gentle bending to fit your boat’s contours.

The product comes with a strong 3M back adhesive, mounting clips, and 10 pcs 3M tape hooks with screws, ensuring a secure attachment on any surface. The well-guided cutting marks between every three LEDs enable you to tailor the lighting installations as per your requirements.

Digging deep into the quality aspect, I found that this LED Boat Light was home to many remarkable attributes. The one feature that stood out was its waterproof property, bearing an IP65 rating. This effectively protects the LED from damage, significantly boosting its lifespan to more than 50,000 hours!

Like any product, the HOKIION LED Boat Lights have their strengths and weaknesses. The key selling points are the upgraded 20FT boat light length, super bright LED strips, and the flexible design. The waterproof property is also a boon, particularly in harsh weather conditions.

The widespread use of these lights, ranging from the boat’s interior to navigation lights, makes it a multipurpose solution on any boating journey.

The only con I found with this product was that care has to be taken while bending the strip. Any forceful bending at right or acute angles may result in the circuit board and silicone covering cracking.

Therefore, if you are seeking an efficient, durable, and flexible lighting solution for your boat, the HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights assure a phenomenal sea-journey with superior longevity.

HOKIION 12V 20FT Waterproof LED Strip Lights for Boat with Extension Cable - Green

Waterproof LED Boat Strip Lights for Deck, Interior, and Night Fishing – 32.8FT, Suitable for Pontoon, Bass Fishing Yacht, and Kayak (White)

LED Boat Strip Lights, 32.8FT Marine Pontoon Led Lights, Waterproof Boat Interior Light, Under Gunnel Lights, Boat Deck Light, Night Fishing Lights, Good for Pontoon Bass Fishing Yacht Kayak (White)

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The LED Boat Strip Lights are the perfect addition to any boat lover’s equipment collection. With a generous length of 32.8FT, these lights are ideal for boats of any size. Whether you are into pontoon bass fishing, kayaking, or own a yacht, these waterproof interior lights skillfully illuminate the deck area for improved night visibility. Especially perfect for night fishing trips, these LED strip lights enhance safety and create a delightful ambience.

I personally adore these LED strip lights for their incredible brightness and versatility. With 600 super bright 5050 white LEDs embedded on a 10m double-layer pure copper FPCB Board, it gives off beautiful, even light, making your boat look mesmerizing at night. What’s more, the IP65 waterproof rating ensures that your lights will last even in rainy or snowy weather conditions. Plus, the flexible design makes it easy to install, allowing me to customize my boat just the way I like it.

This item is primarily designed to provide reliable lighting solutions for various boat applications. It comes as a complete kit, including 2 x 5m Marine LED Strip Lights, special accessories like splitter cable, extension cable, 3M tape hooks, LED strip clips, and screws for easy installation.

The key features of this product include ultra-bright 5050 white LEDs, aflexible copper circuit board design, strong 3M back adhesive for secure installation, and an impressive IP65 waterproof rating.

Acting as a multipurpose lightning solution, it serves excellently as a boat interior light, cockpit light, deck light, transom light, step light, and many more, adding an accent atmosphere light to your boat.

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The overall quality of these LED Boat Strip Lights is impressive. From the high-density 60 LED/M design that ensures even, natural light to the smooth silicone coating that effectively protects the circuit board, every detail reflects thoughtful design and premium quality.

Like any other product, these lights come with their own set of pros and cons.

  • Superior brightness with 600 super bright 5050 white LEDs
  • Flexible design for easy installation
  • Comes as a full installation kit
  • A good value for money considering its quality and performance
  • High waterproof rating (IP65), making it ideal even for rainy and snowy days


  • Circuit board and silicone coating might crack if rudely bent, so handle with care
  • The strip lights may require additional mounting clips (provided in the kit) to stay in place.

In essence, this product excels in performance, quality, and efficiency, making it a must-have for every boat fanatic out there.

Waterproof LED Boat Strip Lights for Deck, Interior, and Night Fishing - 32.8FT, Suitable for Pontoon, Bass Fishing Yacht, and Kayak (White)

HOKIION 40FT Waterproof Multi-Color LED Boat Lights for Deck, Interior, Under Gunnel, Night Fishing on Pontoon Bass Yacht

HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights, 40FT Multi-Color Marine Pontoon Led Lights, Waterproof Boat Interior Light, Under Gunnel Lights, Boat Deck Light, Night Fishing Lights for Pontoon Fishing Bass Yacht

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The HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights shines in its functionality and aesthetics, and is primarily designed for marine uses. Whether you own a pontoon, a fishing boat, or a yacht, these light strips offer a versatile lighting solution. Its multicolor feature allows you to alter the ambiance, while its waterproof ability gifts its utility, regardless of the weather. The various lighting modes allow you to customize your marine adventure as per your mood or the atmosphere, making each voyage unique and memorable.

Having experienced its performance firsthand, the reason I hold this product in such high regard can be attributed to its combination of convenience, safety, and variety of features. The RGB LED light strips can be easily installed, cut according to your needs, and reused, all thanks to their flexible and easy-to-use design. Additionally, these lights provide a safe environment for their users, especially children, being low heat, radiation-free, flicker-free, and touchable.

The HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights, with its multicolor changing and custom DIY settings, serve as an atmosphere transformer for your boat. Equipped with 20 colors and 8 modes, these strips offer a myriad of options for every mood or event. Moreover, the 44 keys infrared controller allows you to save your favorite settings for later reuse.

The strong adhesive and flexible design ensure an easy installation process, while the cuttable and flexible connection feature ensures an exact fit for every application. Add that with their waterproof rating of IP65, these LED strips promise to withstand rainy or snowy weather, hence, extending the light strip’s lifespan to 50,000 hours or more.

The overall quality of this product is commendable. The HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights, made with quality materials and advanced technology, deliver on all fronts, be it utility, durability, or style. Their super viscosity, ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, and low heat emission further add to their versatile application and increased lifespan.

Every product has its strengths and weaknesses, and the HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights are no exception.

On the brighter side, these LED strips come with a multitude of features such as easy installation, customizable settings, versatile application, and safety measures that make them a valuable addition to any boat.

However, the dependency on a 12V battery is a slight disadvantage to consider. Also, while the product is largely durable and has a good lifespan, prolonged exposure to extreme weather conditions could potentially impact its longevity.

HOKIION 40FT Waterproof Multi-Color LED Boat Lights for Deck, Interior, Under Gunnel, Night Fishing on Pontoon Bass Yacht

Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights, 4 Pcs 24” Marine Interior Deck Navigation Lights, Waterproof for 12V Pontoon, Fishing Boat, Yacht, Kayak, Sailboat (Blue)

Vbakor Boat Led Strip Lights, 4 Pcs 24 Marine Boat Interior Courtesy Deck Navigation Lights, Super Bright Waterproof Marine Led Lights Strip for 12V Pontoon Fishing Boat Yacht Kayak Sailboat (Blue)

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From my personal experience, the Vbakor Boat Led Strip Lights serve several purposes while offering fantastic value for boat lighting needs. These 24” strip lights are primarily designed to illuminate large boat areas, both interior and exterior. They work particularly well as boat interior lights, cockpit lights, deck lights, or navigation lights, enhancing the visual aesthetics while increasing safety during night-time sailing.

Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights quickly caught my eye and have kept me satisfied due to their top-notch quality and impressive features. The lights are 3 times brighter than most others on the market, thanks to the SMD5050 super bright LED chips. The IP67 waterproof feature is truly commendable, guaranteeing performance even in the most challenging weather conditions like rainstorms.

These fantastic lights serve more than just illumination; they make your boat stylishly distinguished while ensuring optimal visibility. The key product features include:

  • Super bright 5050 LED chips: These provide an excellent luminosity that’s three times brighter than most other boat lights, making them safe for night navigation.
  • IP67 Waterproof: The LEDs are encased in a silicone tube which not only protects them from water and dust but also enables you to clean them easily.
  • Easy Installation: The Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights are designed for a simply peel-and-stick install procedure. Their backing comes with a stronger 3M VHB double-side adhesive, and require a 12-volt power source for operation.

The quality of the Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights exceeds expectations. These lights last notably longer due to the superior waterproof IP67 casing and super bright 5050 LED chips. They offer a stunning bright blue light which can withstand the elements, making them ideal for anyone who loves spending time on the water.

Many aspects of the LED Strip Lights are commendable, including their durability, brightness, and waterproof ability. However, everything has its pros and cons.

  • Super bright light

  • Waterproof and dustproof IP67 rating

  • Multipurpose applications

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • It requires a 12-volt power supply, limiting its usage to environments that can provide this power input.

  • The need to check polarity before wiring can complicate the installation process.

In all, I believe that the Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights are well worth considering for your marine lighting needs. Their advantages far outweigh any minor shortcomings they may present.

Vbakor Boat LED Strip Lights, 4 Pcs 24 Marine Interior Deck Navigation Lights, Waterproof for 12V Pontoon, Fishing Boat, Yacht, Kayak, Sailboat (Blue)

HOKIION 60FT Marine LED Strip Lights for Boats, Waterproof, App/RF Controlled, Suitable for Night Fishing, Cabins, Decks, and Interiors of Boats like Jon Boat and Bass Boat

HOKIION 60FT Boat Lights Marine LED Strip Lights, IP66 Waterproof Pontoon Boat Light, 12V RGB Boat Interior Lights, Night Fishing Lights for Jon Boat, Bass Boat, Cabin, Deck, APP/RF Control

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The HOKIION 60FT Boat Lights Marine LED Strip Lights are primarily designed and intended for providing vibrant, multi-color illumination around boats or in boat cabins. With its IP66 Waterproof rating, the product guarantees durability and function even under harsh, marine conditions.

The boat lights offer a built-in timer mode and music sync, turning an everyday boating excursion into an immersive party experience. They’re perfect for night fishing, hosting boat parties, and highlighting the key features of your vessel. Furthermore, the versatility doesn’t end at the anchor – these lights also serve excellently as deck lights, cockpit lights, cabin lights and accent lights.

Personally, I love the HOKIION Boat Lights because of their versatility in application and ingenious controls. They’re not just boat lights; they are atmosphere creators. You can conveniently control the lights via the Bluetooth App Control, which is downloadable from Google Play or Apple Store, and transform your boats into a lively party venue or a romantic getaway.

The product includes a 2.4G RF Remote Control, which operates up to a distance of 15M, overcoming the limitations of an IR remote. Also, the Music Sync & Timer Mode feature allows you to personalize your experience; the lights can change automatically with the voice or the music beat.

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The HOKIION Boat LED Light strips are all about enhancing your boating experience. Beyond the essential illumination, these lights set the mood and ambience according to your preference, while providing safety and navigation facilities during the dark.

  • Multi-color LED Boat Lights: The 2-roll, 30feet lights have high-quality and safety SMD5050 led chips.
  • IP66 Waterproof: Ensures high resistance against water and rugged marine conditions.
  • Bluetooth App Control & 2.4G RF Remote Control: Enables user-friendly operation and wide coverage.
  • Music Sync & Timer Mode: Customizable to sync with your voice or music, creating a beautiful ambiance.
  • Easy to install: The LED strip light works on 12-volt, with simple plug-and-play installation.

The HOKIION Boat Lights are truly the epitome of form and function, and their quality is top-notch, from the LED chips to the waterproof design and the control options, and it has been crafted with utmost attention to detail.

  • Robust, waterproof protection

  • Multi-command controls (mobile app and remote)

  • Easy to install and operate

  • Some may find 60feet light strip excessive

  • Requires careful surface preparation before installation

Being an absolute game-changer, these HOKIION Boat Lights are set to revolutionize water-based activities and boating experiences in 2024. Hope you found this review useful, and it will help you make an informed decision!

HOKIION 60FT Marine LED Strip Lights for Boats, Waterproof, App/RF Controlled, Suitable for Night Fishing, Cabins, Decks, and Interiors of Boats like Jon Boat and Bass Boat

TENDIST Waterproof LED Boat Strip Lights, App Controlled, Suitable for Night Fishing in Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, and Deck – 50FT

TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip, IP67 Marine LED Strip Pontoon Boat Light App Control, 12V RGB Waterproof Boat Interior Light, Night Fishing Lighting for Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, Deck (RGB, 50FT)

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I had the chance to try out the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip. This is an RGB, 50-foot strip of IP67 Marine LED light, made specifically for boats! This light strip isn’t just waterproof, it’s specially designed with marine-grade waterproof consistency, enhancing its protection and durability. It excels in providing ambient, courtesy, or night fishing light.

The set comes with two 25ft long LED strips, these strips are suitable for pontoon, yacht, kayak, jon boat deck, cabin, stern, under gunwale, cockpit, and even RVs. The light strips use a 12-volt 5050 LED, which assures high-quality lighting and safety.

What makes this product stand out is its Enhanced App Control & Features. The Zengge app, which comes with this pontoon boat light, is a game-changer. You can DIY favorite color buttons and brightness, customize dynamic modes, music and candle mode. It provides the ease of picking colors via camera and syncing them to the LED light. This level of customization and control is unparalleled.

Besides lighting, the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip facilitates a whole load of features. It has a Music Sync feature, which aligns color changes with the rhythm of the music, offering a unique atmosphere for boat parties. The app also supports group control, allowing me to control multiple light sets together.

Additionally, it contains a Smart Timer functionality. This feature enables the user to schedule when the weatherproof light strip should switch off or on. It even remembers last settings or allows customization of the settings.

The overall quality of TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip is commendable. The 2.4G remote, the high-quality LED, coupled with the enhanced version of the 360° through-wall control, all add to the quality and user’s experience.

The strips are easy to install, thanks to the extra accessories included. These include a cigarette lighter plug with a 3.3ft cord for powering on the LED strip lights and a 6.6ft cord for direct wiring to a 12V battery. Plus, the strips are self-adhesive, and they come with mounting clips and screws for reinforcement.

While the product comes packed with features, like every other product, it has its pros and cons. The high degree of customization in lighting, easy installation process, and various control options are definitely some advantages. Moreover, being designed and built for the marine environment with significant waterproof abilities is a big plus.

On the downside, as the waterproof strips need to connect with the controller outputs, this might limit the flexibility of their positioning. Also, those who are not tech-savvy might find the app a bit complex to operate. But with a little patience, even a novice user can master it with ease.

TENDIST Waterproof LED Boat Strip Lights, App Controlled, Suitable for Night Fishing in Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, and Deck - 50FT

Seaponer 12v Marine LED Strip Light for Pontoon, Duck Jon, Sailboat and Kayak, Blue – Suitable as Deck, Accent, Interior, or Fishing Night Light

Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light, Marine Led Light Strip for Duck Jon Bass Boat Sailboat Kayak Flex Lighting for Boat Deck Light Accent Light Courtesy Interior Lights Fishing Night, Blue, 12v

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The Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light has been expertly designed with a boating enthusiast in mind. More than just an accessory, these LED light strips designed for marine use have diverse applications – from accentuating a boat’s aesthetics to elevating fishing experiences. The package comes equipped with 2pcs 5m(16.4ft) Marine LED Strip Lights Blue accompanied by 20pcs LED strip clips and screws, making it a comprehensive kit for any on-water lighting needs.

One of the reasons I love this product is for its ease of installation. With self-adhesive sticky backing, accompanied by LED strip clips and screws, installing these lights is a breeze. The lights are also cuttable every 3 LEDs along predefined cutting marks, providing flexibility in installation based on a boat’s dimensions, without damaging the rest of the strips. Additionally, the lights’ waterproof quality is a huge draw, providing added assurance even in the face of unpredictable marine conditions.

The primary aim of the Seaponer pontoon boat light is to illuminate your boating experience, literally and figuratively. The lights are ideal for under gunwale light, boat deck light, fishing night light, cockpit light, and accent light. It also enhances other boat applications such as the center console light, courtesy light, and interior lights. These lights are versatile enough to cater to various boats – the pontoon boat, duck boat, bass boat, kayak, jon boat, sailboat, fishing boat, and even trailers, so they’re amazing as gifts for your loved ones who are into boating.

Some key features include Waterproof IP65 quality, promising durability amidst marine conditions, and a long lifespan of 50,000 hours. Working optimally on 12V DC, these lights also offer energy-saving features, a huge bonus to environmentally conscious users.

Reflecting on my experience with these LED lights, I’m pleased with the overall quality. The lights emit a stunning blue, creating an atmosphere of quiet sophistication while illuminating surrounding areas effectively. The waterproofing does hold up to its claims, enduring splashes and sprays without any functionality issues.

As we wrap up, let’s weigh the pros and cons:

  • Easy to install with self-adhesive and additional clips + screws.

  • High durability and quality with Waterproof IP65.

  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours and energy-saving functionality.

  • Flexibility in usage is wonderful, but it may not be everyone’s most needed feature.

  • Some users may prefer other color options for customizability.

Nonetheless, the Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light is a top-notch product, combining functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Whether you host parties on your boat or have a quiet fishing trip, these LED strips do their job brilliantly!

Seaponer 12v Marine LED Strip Light for Pontoon, Duck Jon, Sailboat and Kayak, Blue - Suitable as Deck, Accent, Interior, or Fishing Night Light

TENDIST LED Boat Light Strip, Waterproof with App Control, 12V RGB, for Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, Cabin, Deck (66ft)

TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip, IP67 Marine LED Strip Pontoon Boat Light App Control, 12V RGB Waterproof Boat Interior Light, Night Fishing Lighting for Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, Cabin, Deck (66ft)

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The TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip is a versatile product designed for recreational boating enthusiasts. Its main function is to deliver high-quality, waterproof illumination to both the interior and exterior of your boat. These lights are perfect for a variety of boats, whether they’re pontoons, yachts, kayaks, jon boats, or cabins.

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Being a boating enthusiast, I have a keen eye for quality boating accessories and the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip has proved itself to be one. The lights are IP67 grade waterproof, which guarantees that they won’t fail in demanding marine environments. But the feature that caught my attention the most is the advanced Zengge app, which offers complete control over the lights from color selection to brightness adjustment and customization of dynamic modes.

I have discovered that the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip brings a blend of style, fun, and safety to boating. Their multi-color marine-grade LED lights provide high-quality illumination while using safe 12V 5050 LEDs.

What’s more, you get 66ft of continuous lighting strip (two 33ft rolls), which comes with a full set of installation accessories including self-adhesive tapes and mounting clips. Both strips can be connected to the controller for a two-roll light setup.

The enhanced App control & features allow you to get creative with your lighting. You can DIY favorite color buttons, customize dynamic modes, and even sync your lights to music. The smart timer function is a handy feature that lets you schedule your lights to turn on or off, in different colors and modes.

After using it for a while, I can confidently say that the overall quality of the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip is incredible thanks to its weatherproof consistency and high-quality LED lights. What caught my eye was its thoughtful design that includes a cigarette lighter plug and a 3.3ft cord for easy installation.

The strongest points of this product are its ease of use and flexibility in creating a customizable lighting experience; not to mention it’s fully waterproof, including cords, connections and the controller. The music sync mode also makes it great for parties.

On the downside, having two separate waterproof strips can be a bit of a hassle to connect. But the comprehensive instructions provided make it manageable.

In my opinion, the pros greatly outweigh the cons of the TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip ultimately making it one the best waterproof LED light strips for boats on the market.

TENDIST LED Boat Light Strip, Waterproof with App Control, 12V RGB, for Bass Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, Cabin, Deck (66ft)

Comparison of 8 Boat LED Lights:

When it comes to the perfect boat lighting accessories, I found eight products that stand out. Each offers a unique blend of features and benefits designed to brighten up your time on water. Here’s a comparative analysis to help you make an informed decision.

HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights (Green)

This product features a 20ft green LED strip light kit with everything you need for installation. It boasts 360 green LEDs offering a bright luminance, giving your boat an inviting glow. These lights are safe, waterproof, and flexible to fit any design or configuration. Green is a soothing color that can give your boat a relaxing atmosphere, ideal for those late-night fishing trips.

LED Boat Strip Lights (White)

Adding an elegant touch, this product offers 32.8ft of white LED strip lights with waterproof protection. This kit also includes all necessary accessories for easy installation. The white light dedicates a pleasing ambience to your boat, creating an inviting, warm and cozy atmosphere.

HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights (Multi-Color)

Like a rainbow on your boat, this multi-color LED strip gives you a variety of 20 colors and 8 lighting modes. It’s perfect for those fun parties on the water or setting an atmosphere that suits your mood.

Vbakor Boat Led Strip Lights (Blue)

Vbakor offers four 24” super bright blue LED strips. The product is not just robust in terms of its IP67 waterproof rating but its brightness is three times other variants! The blue light can create a cool, calming environment for your nighttime water adventures.

HOKIION 60FT Boat Lights

Featuring both Bluetooth APP control and a 2.4G RF remote, HOKIION hit the target with its 60ft multi-color LED strips. Along with its outstanding music sync mode, these lights breathe life into that quiet night on the open water.

TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip (RGB, 50FT)

With app control, a smart timer and music sync, these multi-color lights offer a modern take on boat decor. The convenient smart timer and music sync let you set the mood right for a boat party or a relaxing evening cruise.

Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light (Blue)

This 16.4ft blue LED strip light kit doesn’t only bring an easy installation technique, but also adds a whole lot of fun to pontoon boats. With its benefits, these lights effortlessly brighten up your boat parties.

TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip (RGB, 66ft)

This 66ft TENDIST boat lighting comes with a lot of handy features. Arriving in two 33ft strips, the kit presents a simple installation process. Sync the lighting to your music; its smart timer and group control make it a worthy contender.

Product Comparison Table

Product Length Colors Waterproof Music Sync APP Control Remote DIY/Programmable Timer
HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights (Green) 20FT Green
LED Boat Strip Lights (White) 32.8FT White
HOKIION LED Boat Strip Lights (Multi-Color) 40FT Multi-Color
Vbakor Boat Led Strip Lights (Blue) 4 Pcs 24” Each Blue
HOKIION 60FT Boat Lights 60FT Multi-ColorRGB
TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip (RGB, 50FT) 50FT Multi-Color RGB
Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light (Blue) Two pcs 16.4FT each Blue
TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip (RGB, 66ft) Two pcs 33FT each Multi-Color RGB

Now, choose the one that suits your boat best and get ready to sail away into the night with style!

A Vibrant Voyage: My Take on an Array of Boat Lights

After going on a LED-lit journey, exploring eight different models of boat lights, I have found myself captivated by the sheer luminance as well as range of qualities each of these marine marvels possess.

HOKIION Pontoon Led Boat Lights, and LED Boat Strip Lights

I started my aquatic expedition with HOKIION’s 12V 20ft green light strips, swiftly followed by a 32.8ft long white light strip version from an uncredited manufacturer. Both options offer seriously impressive waterproof qualities, making sure your boat maintains its ethereal glow even under the most harsh and untamed weather conditions. What makes HOKIION’s offering so impressive though is the robust extension cable which ensures fuss-free installation. In contrast, the unbranded white LEDs lost some brownie points for me due to the lack of such fittings.

HOKIION 40FT & 60FT Lights, Vbakor Boat Led Strip Lights

Moving on, HOKIION is back in the game with two multicolor strips stretching to an impressive 40ft and 60ft, each making sure your pontoon is the life of the party. Joining them in this round is Vbakor with a 4-pack of 24” marine blue strips. Each of these options provided an amazing hue of color, making sure your boat stands out amongst the sea of monotony. The main drawback, though, is that the excessively long strips from HOKIION might be a bit too much for smaller boats, potentially creating a jumbled, disorganized look.

TENDIST LED Boat Lights Strip & Seaponer Pontoon Boat Light

Next up, sailing into view come two similar offerings from TENDIST and Seaponer. I must say I was enchanted with the app controlled 12V RGB waterproof lighting from TENDIST, available in 50ft and 66ft lengths. Seaponer, however, offers a simpler approach, with a straightforward 12v blue strip, perfect for a minimalist outfitted boat. Nevertheless, both ensure a captivating display on any boat deck.

To wrap things up, all these products offer great durability, with most rated at IP66/67 for water resistance, and they all possess unique qualities, from RGB lighting, app control features, long length, or simplicity.

I’d recommend the 32.8FT LED Boat Strips for the boating beginner, for its simplicity and quality. Meanwhile, the TENDIST LED strips with App control will surely take the experienced boater’s night fishing adventure to another level, thanks to the customizable color palette and length options. Finally, the HOKIION Multicolor strips are for those who want to bring a splash of color and fun to their yachting escapades.

Embark on an adventure, ride the waves, and let the lights guide the way.

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