Easy Guide: How to Change Keyboard Lighting – Step by Step

Welcome to this easy guide on how to change keyboard lighting! If you’re looking to adjust your keyboard LED lights and customize keyboard lighting settings, you’ve come to the right place. Keyboard lighting adjustment is necessary for many reasons and can improve your overall typing experience.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of changing keyboard lighting, with additional tips and methods to personalize your keyboard’s appearance. Before we dive in, let’s take a quick look at the key takeaways of this guide.

Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the benefits of keyboard lighting and customization options
  • Learn the basics of keyboard backlighting modification
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for quick lighting adjustments
  • Discover how to customize keyboard lighting on Windows PCs and Mac computers
  • Explore advanced customization options for gaming keyboards with RGB lighting
  • Find DIY keyboard lighting alterations for general keyboards
  • Troubleshoot common keyboard backlighting issues

Now that you know what to expect, let’s begin our journey to enhance your keyboard user experience!

Understanding Keyboard Lighting and Its Benefits

Keyboard lighting is a feature that greatly benefits users in various ways. By integrating backlit keys into their designs, manufacturers not only improve the aesthetic appeal but also enhance typing experiences for their customers. Backlit keyboards offer numerous advantages, including increased visibility during low-light conditions, customizable options, and the ability to adjust colors and patterns according to personal preferences or to signify unique functions or shortcuts.

Improved visibility in low-light conditions is among the most significant benefits of keyboard lighting, allowing users to type both comfortably and accurately even when ambient lighting is poor. This can be particularly advantageous for individuals who often work in darker rooms or at night, as illuminated keys can prevent eyestrain and ensure a more enjoyable typing experience.

Backlit keyboards provide benefits like improved visibility in low-light conditions, ultimately helping users to type comfortably and accurately.

  1. Keyboard backlighting enhances the aesthetic appeal of your setup
  2. Improved visibility to ensure you don’t miss a key press in low-light environments
  3. Customizable options, including colors and patterns, that allow users to personalize their typing experience
  4. Increased productivity and comfort with the ability to tailor backlighting to specific functions or shortcuts

Another notable aspect of keyboard backlighting is the vast array of personalization options available. Backlit keyboards often come with various colors and patterns, enabling users to create a setup that fits their style while also allowing for customization based on different functions or shortcuts. This means you can tailor your typing experience to best suit your needs and preferences, further enhancing your productivity and enjoyment when using your keyboard.

Color Pros Cons
Red Provides a high contrast against most keycaps Can be considered too intense for some users
Blue Cool and calming effect on the user A weaker color compared to red or white backlighting
Green Offers good visibility and is easy on the eyes Reduced effectiveness with specific keycap colors
White Bright, versatile, and easy to see in various lighting conditions Lacks the vibrancy of some other color options
RGB Multicolor Offers the most customization possibilities Can sometimes prove distracting while typing

In conclusion, keyboard backlighting contributes significantly to the overall advantages of using a backlit keyboard. From improving visibility in low-light environments to providing customization options, these benefits ultimately enhance your typing experience, ensuring that every keystroke counts.

The Basics of Keyboard Backlighting Modification

As keyboards have evolved, their lighting systems have elevated user experience and allowed for more personalization. In this section, we will be discussing how to identify whether your keyboard is backlit, the different types of lighting systems available, and the role software plays in controlling keyboard lighting.

Identifying If Your Keyboard is Backlit

It’s essential to know whether your keyboard has a backlighting system before attempting any modification. To determine if your keyboard is backlit, look for specific keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts often involve the ‘Fn’ key or a key with a backlight symbol. For example, some keyboards use ‘Fn + Spacebar’ to turn on their default backlight color.

Pro Tip: Carefully examine your keyboard for any symbols or icons that indicate backlighting. They are usually located on one of the “F” keys or another function key.

The Different Types of Keyboard Lighting Systems

There are various keyboard lighting systems, with features ranging from single-color backlights to RGB setups that offer numerous color options and effects. The most common types of keyboard lighting systems are:

  • Single-color backlit keyboards: This type offers a fixed color across the entire keyboard.
  • Zone-based RGB keyboards: Multiple zones on the keyboard can be individually set to different colors and lighting patterns.
  • Per-key RGB keyboards: With this type, each key can have a unique color and lighting effect, offering the most customization possibilities.
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keyboard lighting systems

Some keyboards come with predefined lighting patterns, while others may provide software for extensive customization, allowing you to achieve the perfect look and feel for your typing experience.

The Role of Software in Controlling Keyboard Lighting

Software plays a significant role in controlling keyboard lighting, particularly for RGB systems. Users can typically download proprietary software provided by the keyboard or laptop manufacturer to access advanced customization options. These may include:

  • Static or animated lighting modes
  • Ability to save presets for different activities
  • Syncing lighting across compatible gaming gear

Popular keyboard lighting software:

Manufacturer Software
Corsair iCUE
Razer Synapse
SteelSeries SteelSeries Engine

Utilizing this software allows you to customize your keyboard lighting to your heart’s content, enabling you to create the perfect aesthetic and functional combination for your needs.

Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Lighting Adjustment

Many keyboards allow users to quickly adjust the lighting using shortcuts, providing an efficient way to change colors, patterns, and brightness or lighting speed. The following table summarizes some common shortcuts that can be used on various types of keyboards:

Keyboard Function Shortcut
Turn on/off the backlight Fn + C / Fn + Spacebar
Increase brightness Fn + Up Arrow / Fn + +
Decrease brightness Fn + Down Arrow / Fn + –
Change color Fn + Alt / Fn + Right Arrow / Fn + Left Arrow
Change effect Fn + Ins / Fn + Del
Adjust effect speed Fn + PgUp / Fn + PgDn

Note: The exact shortcuts for your specific keyboard model may vary, so refer to the manufacturer’s guide or user manual for accurate information.

To quick adjust keyboard brightness, users often need to press ‘Fn’ in combination with the arrow keys. For example, ‘Fn + Up Arrow’ to increase and ‘Fn + Down Arrow’ to decrease the brightness.

It is important to remember that shortcuts can vary across different keyboards, so always consult your device’s user manual or support documentation for the most accurate information.

Customizing your keyboard’s lighting can be as simple as experimenting with different combinations of ‘Fn’ and the relevant keys. Paired with the correct software, users can effortlessly change keyboard color shortcuts and achieve a unique and personalized typing experience that caters to their specific needs and preferences.

  1. Identify the exact keyboard shortcuts for lighting adjustments by referring to the manufacturer’s guide or user manual.
  2. Experiment with different key combinations to customize colors, patterns, brightness, and lighting speed.
  3. For advanced customization, utilize the software provided by the keyboard manufacturer or seek compatible alternatives for an extensive selection of options.

Customizing Keyboard Lighting on Windows PCs

Customizing Keyboard Lighting on Windows PCs

When it comes to built-in Windows keyboard lighting and customization, there are several options to explore. From using Windows’ own settings to downloading customization software from the manufacturer, you have a wide range of choices to tweak and enhance your keyboard lighting experience.

Utilizing Built-In Windows Features for Keyboard Lighting Change

In many cases, a built-in Windows feature can help you alter keyboard light settings or perform basic Windows keyboard customization. One option is to adjust the backlight theme in the “Settings” app under “Personalization” and “Colors.” You can also access the Windows Mobility Center in the Control Panel, where you can change the keyboard brightness settings, turn the keyboard backlight on or off, and perform other lighting adjustments depending on your device’s compatibility.

Downloading Manufacturer’s Utilities for Enhanced Customization

For more enhanced keyboard lighting options, most manufacturers offer proprietary utilities. By visiting their official websites, you can download keyboard customization software that provides advanced features for personalizing your device’s keyboard backlighting. These utilities typically offer a variety of options, such as creating multiple profiles, adjusting lighting effects, and syncing settings across multiple devices.

Tip: Before downloading any software, make sure it is compatible with your device and operating system for a smooth and successful installation process.

Advanced Adjustments through Windows Mobility Center

If you’re using a Windows 10 PC, you can access even more advanced keyboard lighting customization options through the Windows Mobility Center in the Control Panel. This built-in feature allows you to further customize backlighting on your keyboard by adjusting the brightness and other settings according to your preference.

  1. Open the Control Panel by typing “Control Panel” in the Windows Search Box and selecting it in the search results.
  2. Select “Hardware and Sound” to access the Windows Mobility Center.
  3. Look for the “Keyboard Backlight” or “Keyboard Brightness” option and drag the slider to adjust the settings accordingly.
Feature Built-in Windows Features Manufacturer’s Utilities
Customization Options Limited to basic settings Advanced options, including profiles and effects
Compatibility Standard to all Windows devices May vary across devices and operating systems
User Experience Suitable for basic backlighting adjustments Offers a more personalized and comprehensive experience

With the right combination of built-in features, downloaded utilities, and the Windows Mobility Center, you can create a truly unique keyboard lighting experience to match your personal preferences and enhance your overall typing experience.

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Step-by-Step: Changing Keyboard Lighting on Mac Computers

For Mac users, changing keyboard lighting can be easily done through a few different methods. The following keyboard lighting Mac guide will assist you in making modifications to your computer’s backlight settings to better suit your needs and preferences.

  1. Using Increase/Decrease brightness buttons: For several MacBook models, you can alter the brightness of the keyboard backlight by pressing the dedicated Increase (F5) and Decrease (F6) brightness keys.
  2. Adjusting Settings in Control Center: To further customize your keyboard lighting, MacOS offers the option to modify settings in the control center.
  3. Using the Touch Bar: If your MacBook is equipped with a Touch Bar, the keyboard backlight settings can be changed by manipulating the Touch Bar controls. This method offers fine-tuning adjustments to both the brightness and color schemes available.

Keep in mind that the exact method for Mac keyboard backlight adjustment may vary depending on your MacOS version and MacBook model. Nonetheless, the above-listed options cover the primary techniques for customizing backlight settings on Mac computers.

Making the Most of Gaming Keyboards with RGB Lighting

RGB gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards with RGB lighting are designed to enhance the gaming experience with visually stunning and engaging lighting effects. With a myriad of options available for customization, gamers can truly immerse themselves in their gaming sessions. In this section, we will discuss the various ways to make the most of your RGB gaming keyboard, from exploring pre-set lighting patterns and creating custom color schemes with software, to syncing RGB lighting across all your gaming gear.

Exploring Pre-Set Lighting Patterns

Many RGB gaming keyboards come with a range of pre-set lighting patterns to suit different gaming styles and preferences. These patterns can be easily cycled through using keyboard shortcuts or software provided by the keyboard manufacturer, offering a hassle-free way to experiment with different lighting effects. Understanding the various pre-set lighting patterns available on your keyboard can help you find the perfect combination to elevate your gaming experience.

Creating Custom Color Schemes with Software

For gamers who prefer a more personalized touch, custom color schemes can be created using RGB keyboard software like iCUE, Synapse, and SteelSeries Engine. These applications offer detailed customization options, enabling you to design intricate lighting effects, select static colors from a color wheel, and even sync color patterns with in-game actions or other gaming peripherals.

The creative possibilities are virtually endless with RGB keyboard software, allowing you to design a unique lighting setup that truly reflects your personality and gaming style.

Syncing RGB Lighting Across All Gaming Gear

To achieve a uniform gaming gear lighting setup, advanced software utilities allow you to sync your RGB lighting across multiple peripherals, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and compatible PC components. This synchronized RGB light setup can create an immersive gaming environment, further enhancing your overall gaming experience.

By understanding your RGB gaming keyboard’s capabilities and making full use of the customization options available, you can truly elevate your gaming sessions and bask in the mesmerizing glow of synchronized RGB lighting.

DIY: Keyboard Lighting Alterations for General Keyboards

There are numerous ways to implement DIY keyboard lighting alterations for non-gaming keyboards, particularly for mechanical ones. Changing the mechanical keyboard color is not limited to RGB lighting schemes; there are other methods to express your creativity and personalize your typing experience.

Many general and mechanical keyboards offer built-in RGB backlight options, which can be controlled using specific key combinations, typically involving the ‘Fn’ key. Some keyboards allow users to change the speed and brightness of the backlight, creating a stylish and functional appearance.

Besides backlight customization, another popular method of adding a personal touch to your keyboard is to customize the keyboard keycaps. Keycap customization options range from purchasing specialized keycaps to painting individual keycaps yourself.

Before painting your keycaps, be sure to research the type of paint that is suitable for the material and consider using a clear protective coating for added durability.

Following these simple DIY keyboard lighting alteration steps, you can transform your generic keyboard into a unique and colorful typing platform that reflects your personality and preferences.

DIY Keyboard Alteration Methods Level of Difficulty Required Materials
RGB Backlight Customization Easy Keyboard with built-in RGB light options
Purchasing Specialized Keycaps Easy Compatible replacement keycaps
Painting Individual Keycaps Moderate Paint, clear protective coating, small paintbrushes

In conclusion, experimenting with DIY keyboard lighting alterations and keycap customization allows you to enjoy a unique and personalized typing experience. Whether you choose to manipulate RGB lighting options or paint your keycaps, these modifications can enhance your keyboard’s appearance, ensuring it stands out as utterly one-of-a-kind.

Keyboard Backlighting Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering issues with your keyboard backlighting can be frustrating, especially when it affects your productivity or gaming experience. In this section, we provide practical troubleshooting tips to help you fix keyboard lighting issues smoothly and enable you to enjoy the benefits of a well-lit typing experience.

Keyboard backlight troubleshooting

  1. Ensure your device has backlighting: Before you start troubleshooting, confirm that your keyboard is actually backlit. Check for a dedicated backlight key or shortcut (often involving the ‘Fn’ key) as mentioned in previous sections.
  2. Use the correct shortcuts or settings: Make sure you’re using the right keyboard shortcuts to enable or adjust the backlighting. This information can be found in your device manual or the manufacturer’s website.
  3. Locate light sensors (particularly on MacBooks): Some devices, particularly MacBooks, have ambient light sensors that can automatically adjust the keyboard backlight. These sensors are usually located near the webcam. Make sure they’re not obstructed to allow proper functioning.
  4. Check BIOS settings: Access your computer’s BIOS and verify if any keyboard lighting settings are available. Adjust these settings and save the changes before exiting the BIOS to fix potential issues.
  5. Update the BIOS: In some cases, updating the BIOS can solve keyboard light issues, especially in instances when the BIOS doesn’t recognize newer hardware or software configurations.

If you’ve followed the above steps and your keyboard light is still not working, consult your device manufacturer’s instructions or reach out to their support team for further assistance. Also, consider checking if your keyboard is still under warranty, which will ease the process of resolving your keyboard backlighting issue.

Refresh Your Typing Experience by Modifying Keyboard Lighting Colors

choose keyboard lighting colors

Selecting the right colors for your keyboard can significantly enhance your productivity and comfort. Whether you prefer softer tones that reduce eye strain or vibrant colors that energize and focus attention, you have a wide range of choices available.

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Choosing The Right Colors for Productivity and Comfort

When selecting the right keyboard lighting colors, consider how different hues might impact your typing experience. For instance, for a more comfortable typing session in low-light environments, you might opt for warm and subtle colors rather than harsh and bright ones. On the other hand, during daytime use or when ambient lighting is available, you may choose brighter and more vivid colors to help maintain focus and creativity.

Setting Up Profiles for Different Activities

One way to achieve a productive and comfortable typing experience is by setting up keyboard profiles for various activities. By utilizing the software provided by your keyboard’s manufacturer, you can customize lighting profiles to suit different tasks such as gaming, typing, or creative work. This allows you to create activity-based keyboard colors that provide contextual lighting cues for an enhanced user experience.

Memory Functions for Your Favorite Color Setups

Many keyboards feature keyboard lighting memory functions that allow you to save your favorite backlight settings and color presets. You can easily switch between these profiles using keyboard shortcuts or through the provided software. This feature simplifies the process of selecting the perfect lighting scheme for any situation, ensuring a comfortable typing experience tailored to your preferences.

“Investing a little time in customizing your keyboard lighting can lead to a more comfortable and productive typing experience!”

In conclusion, modifying your keyboard lighting colors can lead to a more enjoyable and efficient typing experience. By carefully choosing the right colors, setting up profiles for different activities, and utilizing the memory functions of your keyboard, you can create the perfect lighting setup that enhances productivity and ensures a comfortable typing experience.


In this ultimate keyboard lighting guide, we’ve explored various ways to modify your keyboard lighting to enhance your user experience. From understanding the benefits of keyboard lighting to customizing it for productivity and comfort, there are ample options for personalization across different devices and operating systems.

Whether you’re using a Windows PC, a Mac computer, or a gaming keyboard with advanced RGB lighting, there’s always room for improvement. Making the most of software utilities and built-in features can help you create a truly unique keyboard setup tailored to your preferences and needs.

In conclusion, taking full control of your keyboard’s lighting can not only improve its aesthetics but also boost your productivity and comfort during everyday use. So, go ahead and apply the tips and techniques we’ve discussed in this guide to make the most of your backlit keyboard and elevate your typing experience to new heights!


How do I know if my keyboard is backlit?

To determine if a keyboard is backlit, look for a keyboard shortcut, often involving the ‘Fn’ key or a dedicated key with a backlight symbol. For instance, ‘Fn + Spacebar’ can turn on the default backlight color on some keyboards.

What role does software play in controlling keyboard lighting?

Software is essential for controlling keyboard lighting, especially for RGB systems. Users can usually download proprietary software provided by the keyboard manufacturer, which offers advanced customization options, static or animated lighting modes, and the ability to save presets for different activities or sync lighting across all gaming gear.

What are some quick keyboard shortcuts for adjusting lighting?

Many keyboards allow users to adjust the lighting with shortcuts involving the ‘Fn’ key and other keys like ‘C’, ‘Alt’, or the arrow keys. These shortcuts can change colors, patterns, or adjust brightness and lighting speed.

How do I customize keyboard lighting on a Windows PC?

Windows includes built-in features for customizing keyboard lighting, such as adjusting themes in settings or using the Windows Mobility Center to change brightness levels and turn the backlight on or off. Users can also download manufacturer utilities or adjust settings through the Windows Mobility Center for more advanced customization.

How can I change my keyboard lighting on a Mac computer?

Altering keyboard lighting on Mac computers involves using the increase/decrease brightness buttons for some models, adjusting settings in the control center, or using the Touch Bar for models equipped with this feature. The exact method may vary depending on the MacOS and MacBook model.

How can I make the most out of my RGB gaming keyboard?

Users can create custom color schemes, explore pre-set lighting patterns, and sync RGB lighting across all gaming peripherals using software like iCUE, Synapse, and SteelSeries Engine. These applications allow for detailed customization, selection of static colors, and syncing color patterns with game actions or other gear.

What are some troubleshooting tips for keyboard backlighting issues?

Common troubleshooting tips include ensuring that the device has backlighting, using the correct shortcuts or settings to enable lighting, knowing where light sensors are located (particularly on MacBooks), checking BIOS settings, and updating the BIOS if necessary. If issues persist, consult the device manufacturer’s instructions or support may be necessary.

How do I choose the right colors for my keyboard lighting?

Selecting the right colors can enhance productivity and comfort. Users can choose from a wide range of colors, opting for softer tones that reduce eye strain or vibrant colors that energize and focus attention.

How do I set up profiles for different activities on my keyboard?

Keyboard lighting can be customized with different profiles for various activities such as gaming, typing, or creative work. Software typically allows for these profiles to be linked to specific programs or tasks, providing contextual lighting cues.