Expert Review: Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips – The Ultimate Lighting Solution

Welcome, lighting aficionados! Today, I’m here to shed some light on a game-changer in the world of illumination – the Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips. Get ready to transform any space into a mesmerizing wonderland with these 100ft, color-changing beauties. With features like IP65 waterproofing and Bluetooth music sync, these LED light strips are the ultimate lighting solution for all your indoor and outdoor needs. So, let’s dive in and explore what makes the Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips a total standout!

Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips
Satisfied customer
Overall, the Kimdelee 100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips are a great investment. With easy installation, customizable color options, and user-friendly app control, these lights offer both functionality and versatility. The excellent customer service and affordable price make this product even more attractive. Though there were minor downsides, such as one inoperable LED and limited hanging supports, I am still satisfied with my purchase.
The Top 3 Benefits!
  • Easy to connect multiple strands end to end
  • Solid connection with the use of plastic connector cap
  • Customizable color combinations with separate control for each set
  • User-friendly app with the ability to control each string and choose colors
  • Good communication and customer service from Kimdelee
  • Well-packaged product with everything needed included
  • Low price for the quality of the lights
  • One LED appears to be inoperable (as shown in photo)
  • The product could have come with more hanging supports for better durability during winter

The Kimdelee 100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips are the perfect solution for adding a gorgeous and rich decoration atmosphere to any space. With a total length of 100ft, which includes 6 rolls of 16.5ft light strips, you will have enough length to decorate your bedroom, garden, swimming pool, or any other area you desire for your party or special occasion.

One of the key features of these light strips is their IP65 waterproof rating. This means that they are protected against water splashes, making them suitable for outdoor use. The surface of the LED lights strip is coated with a waterproof transparent glue layer, ensuring their durability and longevity even in wet environments.

The Kimdelee LED Light Strips are designed with convenience in mind. They can be controlled remotely through a Bluetooth-enabled app, allowing you to easily choose the color, adjust the brightness, and even set a timer for the lights. The color-changing functionality adds an extra layer of excitement, as you can select from a variety of vibrant and beautiful colors to match your mood or the occasion.

These light strips are powered by a 12-volt AC/DC power source, ensuring safe and reliable operation. With 540 LED light sources, the Kimdelee LED Light Strips provide bright and energy-efficient illumination. The modern design and high-quality materials, such as vinyl and metal, add to the overall appeal and durability of the product.

Product Specifications
  • Length: The light strips come in three different lengths – 100ft, 66ft, and 33ft, allowing for flexible installation options to suit your needs
  • Waterproof: These LED light strips are designed to be waterproof, making them suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. You can confidently use them in various weather conditions
  • Color Changing: With the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) light color option, you can easily change the colors of the light strips to create different moods or match your decor. The color changing feature adds versatility to the product
  • App Bluetooth Music Sync: The light strips can be synced with your music through the app, allowing you to create a dynamic lighting experience based on the rhythm and beats of the songs playing
  • Remote Controlled: The light strips can be conveniently controlled through a remote control, offering ease-of-use and the ability to adjust the settings from a distance
  • Timer and Adjustable: These light strips come with a built-in timer function, allowing you to set them to turn on or off at specific times. Additionally, they are adjustable, giving you the option to dim or increase the brightness as per your preference
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Whether you’re decorating for Christmas, hosting a party, or simply adding some ambiance to your space, the Kimdelee 100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips are a fantastic choice. Their versatility, waterproofing, and advanced features make them a reliable and stylish option for indoor and outdoor use. Experience the magic of synchronized music and colorful lighting with these high-quality light strips from Kimdelee.

Illuminate Your Space with Style
  • 100ft Total Length
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth Music Sync
  • Color Changing with App Control

Easy Installation and End-to-End Connection

I recently purchased the Kimdelee 100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips and I must say, these lights are great! One of the things that impressed me was the easy installation process. Connecting two strands end to end was a breeze. The key is to penetrate the rubber covering at one end of the light strand and connect the pronged end of another light strand to it. It might take a couple of attempts to get a good connection, but once you do, it feels really solid. To ensure its stability, I used the plastic connector cap, which fits tightly around the connection point.

Functional and Versatile

What sets these LED light strips apart is their functionality. I wanted outdoor lights that would allow me to create custom color combinations, and these lights delivered exactly that. Initially, I had concerns about only being able to create one custom color with LED strips, but the customer support from Kimdelee was exceptional. They explained that with one control module, it was indeed not possible. However, the good news is that the price of these lights is very affordable, so it was easy for me to purchase an additional set and have two control modules. Setting up the two strips with two separate controller units worked flawlessly.

App Integration and Great Customer Service

The best part about these light strips is the app that comes with them. The app recognizes each strip separately, giving you full control over each set of lights. You can choose different colors for each strip or sync them up for a uniform look. Naming each string within the app also makes controlling them a breeze. I must commend the Kimdelee customer service team for their excellent communication throughout the process. They were responsive and helpful, ensuring that I had a positive experience with their product.

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Minor Downsides, But Still Satisfied

In terms of downsides, I did notice that one LED in the strip was not working properly. While this might be an isolated issue, it’s worth mentioning. Additionally, I would have appreciated a few more hanging supports as the 3M adhesive might not hold up well during winter. Lastly, I found that the timer function in the app occasionally had some hiccups, but I’m still investigating why that is. It’s worth noting that the app operates only through Bluetooth, which might have some limitations. Overall, despite these minor drawbacks, I am very happy with the product.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for waterproof LED light strips for your outdoor decorations, the Kimdelee 100ft Waterproof LED Light Strips are a great choice. With easy installation, end-to-end connection capabilities, a versatile app, and excellent customer service, these lights offer great value for money. Just be mindful of potential minor issues, such as faulty LEDs and the need for extra hanging supports in winter. Nonetheless, I highly recommend these LED light strips for their functionality and overall performance.

Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting with Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips: 100ft

Explore other options for waterproof LED light strips

Key Considerations for Choosing the Perfect LED Strip Lights

To select the perfect LED strip lights, there are a few key factors to consider. Firstly, think about the brightness and color temperature you desire for your space. LED strips come in different levels of brightness, typically measured in lumens, so make sure to choose one that suits your needs. Color temperature refers to the warmth or coolness of the light, with options ranging from warm white to cool white. Next, consider the length and flexibility of the strip. Measure the area you want to illuminate to ensure you get the right length, and check for easy trimming options to fit it perfectly. Additionally, pay attention to the adhesive backing, as a strong and durable adhesive will ensure the strip stays in place. Lastly, don’t forget to consider any additional features you might want, such as dimmability or smart control compatibility. By keeping these factors in mind, you’ll be well on your way to selecting the ideal LED strip lights for your space.

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  • Waterproof Rating: The first and most important thing to check is the waterproof rating of the LED light strips. Ensure that they have a high IP (Ingress Protection) rating, like IP65 or higher, to ensure they can handle exposure to water or moisture
  • Length and Quantity: Consider the length and quantity of LED light strips you need. Check if the product offers customizable length options or additional extension cables to suit your specific requirements
  • LED Type and Brightness: Look for information on the LED type used in the light strips. High-quality LED chips, like SMD 5050 or 3528, are commonly preferred. Additionally, consider the brightness level of the LEDs to ensure they provide adequate illumination for your intended use
  • Color Options: If you have specific color preferences, make sure the product offers a wide range of colors or even color-changing options. This will allow you to create the desired ambiance or effects
  • Installation and Flexibility: Assess how easy it is to install the LED light strips. Look for adhesive backing or clips to ensure easy attachment. Moreover, consider the flexibility of the strips to fit various surfaces or to navigate around corners
  • Power Source: You should check how these light strips are powered. Some options require a standard electrical outlet, while others come with batteries or use USB power. Choose the one that suits your needs best
  • Control Options: If you prefer to have control over the light strips, ensure that the product includes a remote control or a control unit to adjust brightness, color, and various lighting modes
  • Durability and Quality: Read reviews and product descriptions to get an idea of the overall durability and quality of the LED light strips. Look for features like heat dissipation, high-quality materials, and reliable construction to ensure longevity
  • Safety Features: Make sure the LED light strips have safety certifications, like CE or RoHS, to ensure they meet quality and safety standards
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings: Finally, before making a purchase, go through customer reviews and ratings to gather valuable insights from others who have used the product. This will give you a better understanding of its performance and any potential issues to be aware of

Upgrade your outdoor lighting game with the Kimdelee Waterproof LED Light Strips! Create a vibrant and festive ambiance with colorful, app-controlled lights that sync to your favorite music. Shop now and transform your space into a magical Christmas wonderland!