8 Top 3 Way LED Soft White Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Reviewed (FOR 2024)

Well, hello there, seeker of perfect indoor illumination! Your quest for ideal lighting might make you feel like the Goldilocks of the home accessories world, always testing different products to find the one that’s “just right.” Fear not! Today you will be illuminated, pun intended, about this fascinating family of 3-way LED bulbs that range between 50 to 150 US watts.

These nifty little light bringers have come a long way since their incandescent forefathers. Their main appeal lies in the energy efficiency, lasting a staggering 10+ years with average use. Gone are the days of constantly perching atop a wobbly stool trying to change bulbs that burned out quicker than a cheap candle. Plus, their ability to provide different levels of light makes them the Swiss Army knife of the bulb world. You can go from mood lighting to spotlight in seconds, handy for everything from a romantic soiree to an intense reading session.

So sit tight, dear reader, for you are about to embark upon a dazzling journey. We will be uncloaking each of these bulb-packed boxes to reveal their glowing qualities and slight quirks. We’ll highlight everything from their lumen power to energy savings – essentially, all the nitty-gritty that’ll help you choose the light of your life. Fasten your seat belts, folks, it’s gonna be a brightly lit ride!

GE 3-Way 50/100/150-Watt Soft White Light Bulb, 4-Pack

GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150-Watt, 3-Way Light Bulb, Soft White, 4-Pack

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Get ready for a shocker, guys and gals, the primary use of the GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150-Watt, 3-Way Light Bulb, Soft White, 4-Pack is to – wait for it – illuminate your space. Yep, these bad boys were designed to brighten up your life, literally. But don’t get it twisted! These aren’t your grandma’s old light bulbs! These are next-gen, upgrade-worthy bulbs that offer three light levels: 50-watt, 100-watt, and a whopping 150-watt, which is just fancy talk for the different brightness options.

Hold onto your hats folks, because GE didn’t hold back with the 97494 Lighting 3-Way Light Bulbs. With the Model number: H&PC-71059, we’re starting to think that 71059 might actually be code for “most epic light bulb ever.” The packaging details are so specific, you’d think they were planning a space mission. Package dimensions of 9.4″ in length, 22.35″ width, and a skyscraping 22.61″ in height, we suspect you could possibly double it up as a yoga block or a particularly satisfying door stopper.

Think of magic, but for your home. These light bulbs provide soft white illumination, perfect for recreating that moody bar ambience, sans the overpriced cocktails. Its three-way lighting function allows you to adjust the brightness level based on your needs or moods. Trying to set the mood for a romantic dinner? 50-watts has got you covered. In the mood for some late-night reading? Crank it up to 150-watts and voilà! No more squinting at that tiny font.

In the realms of light bulbs, the GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150-Watt, 3-Way Light Bulb is a king among pawns. It’s like that top-shelf stuff you bring out only for special occasions. As with all kings, it shines bright (literally) and delivers exactly what it promises – top-notch quality and flexibility.

All hail, perfection! Ha, if only. Yes, these bulbs shine bright and offer adaptability like no other, but let’s not forget, nobody’s perfect. We’ll elaborate:

Pros: Brighten your space with different lighting options Soft white light provides a soothing vibe Convenience with a pack of four

Cons: Could double as an assault weapon due to the package size Brightness options may result in unnecessary family debates

In a world of mundane lightbulbs, dare to shine bright with the iconic GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150-Watt, 3-Way Light bulb. It’s the light at the end of your illumination journey.

GE 3-Way 50/100/150-Watt Soft White Light Bulb, 4-Pack

UL Listed TJBB 6-Pack 3 Way LED Bulbs, 50/100/150 Watt Equivalent, A19 Soft White 3000K, Energy Efficient 5/10/15 Watt, Ideal for Reading

TJBB UL Listed 6-Pack 3 Way Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Watt Equivalent, Perfect for Reading, Standard A19 Indoor Led Bulb Soft White 3000K, 5/10/15 Watt Energy Efficient Bulb

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Look my friend! Let’s face reality, shall we? In this age, constant bulb changing is a hassle no one needs on their plate, and don’t even get me started with rising energy bills! Your knight in shining toolbelt is the TJBB UL Listed 6-Pack 3 Way Light Bulbs. A perfect solution to kiss your troubles goodbye! These babies are perfect for reading and can turn your dreary indoor spaces into your personal haven with their soft white 3000K light.

Here’s the scoop – we’ve all been caught up in the personal romance novel that is: old-fashioned soft light. But these bulbs? They elevate that. Their unique 3-way feature lets you choose different modes (700/1400/2100LM for the techies out there) giving you not 1, not 2, but 3 levels of brightness. So whether you fancy a low-intimacy setting, or a brilliantly lit room, there’s a click to suit your every mood!

Hold on to your reading glasses, for these TJBB UL Listed 3 Way Light Bulbs are not your run-of-the-mill bulbs. They offer you a maximum brightness of a 150-watt incandescent but at a meagre consumption of 15 watts. Do the math buddy, that’s a whopping 90% savings on your energy bills! Talk about making money off your bulbs! On top of it all, these aren’t picky bulbs. They fit all kinds of table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps with a 3-way socket/switch. It’s as if they were born to illuminate your living rooms, bedrooms, and more!

Quality – that’s not a word we throw around lightly here. The TJBB UL Listed 6-Pack 3 Way Light Bulbs are made of the highest quality material and circuits, all while promising a 2 years warranty. Fear of quality problems? They’ve got you covered! Just contact their support team for a replacement if needed. Thus, they not only guarantee high-end performance but also peace of mind.

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With the pros enough to write an epic, let’s get on track. High brightness, varying light levels, energy efficiency, wide application, and quality guarantee; these bulbs have it all! However, like a not-so-perfect-yet-lovable protagonist, they have a flaw. It’s their exclusivity to 3-way socket/switch fittings that might not suit all your design whims. But hey! No one’s perfect, right?

UL Listed TJBB 6-Pack 3 Way LED Bulbs, 50/100/150 Watt Equivalent, A19 Soft White 3000K, Energy Efficient 5/10/15 Watt, Ideal for Reading

Briignite 3-Way LED Light Bulbs, 50-100-150W Equivalent, E26 Medium Base, Daylight White 5000K, 600-1200-1600lm, 2 Pack

LED Light Bulbs, 𝟑 𝐖𝐚𝐲 𝐋𝐄𝐃 𝐋𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐁𝐮𝐥𝐛𝐬 50 100 150W Equivalent, Briignite 3 Way Light Bulbs, Three Way A19 Light Bulbs E26 Medium Base, Daylight White 5000K, 600lm-1200lm-1600lm, 2Pack

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Hey, let’s cut to the chase. Nobody’s buying the Briignite 3 Way LED Light Bulbs for their aesthetic value. These aren’t bulb-shaped pieces of abstract expressionism; they aren’t going to make you the Picasso of interior decoration. If that happens, it’s purely coincidental and you probably have other outstanding décor elements working in your favor as well.

No, the basic job of these soft white light champs is to ‘illuminate’ your obscure corners, and boy do they do it well! With their awesomely versatile 3 lighting levels (600lm-1200lm-1600lm), they’ll seamlessly morph from Bela Lugosi’s late-night haunt to the glitzy Las Vegas Strip, based purely on your mood.

In the hallowed halls of light bulb greatness (yes, that’s a thing), the Briignite 3 Way LED Light Bulbs has earned itself a place, and for good reason. With its ability to produce the equivalent illumination of a 50/100/150W incandescent bulb while miserly consuming only 15W, it’s the Gandalf of energy conservation, who decisively declares, “You shall not pass!” to hefty energy bills.

The Briignite 3 Way LED Light Bulbs are a bit like the Supreme Court of light bulbs. Their sole purpose – to uphold the constitutional right of every room to be well-lit. No more living under the shadowy tyranny of dim, incandescent bulbs. With an impressive lifespan of 15,000 hours, they are set to rule for long.

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate the incredible 85+ CRI (Color Rendering Index). This review is too short to explain its whole deal, but just know this: it’s the reason the grass will look greener on your side of the room.

When it comes to quality, the Briignite 3 Way LED Bulbs don’t take prisoners. Shunning harmful materials like mercury and lead, the bulbs also throw UV to the wind. Plus, with no dangerous glass to shatter, you no longer have to live in fear of sudden, sharp surprises.

  • Energy efficiently gives Bill Gates a run for his money.

  • Covers all your lighting needs from moody twilight to bright daylight.

  • Impressively long lifespan (15,000 hours, no less!)

  • Can’t be used with touch lamps and dimmers (Sorry, folks who were planning a little light show.)

So if you like your rooms well lit, your energy bills low, and your life uncomplicated, the Briignite 3 Way LED Light Bulbs might just be your light bulb soulmate. Just remember — they only show their true genius when paired with 3-way lamp socket light fixtures.

Briignite 3-Way LED Light Bulbs, 50-100-150W Equivalent, E26 Medium Base, Daylight White 5000K, 600-1200-1600lm, 2 Pack

LOHAS 3-Way Dimmable LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, Soft White 3000K, E26 Base, Suitable for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Pack of 2

LOHAS 3 Way LED Light Bulbs 50/100/150W Equivalent, 3-Way LED Bulbs Soft White 3000K, Dimmable A19 LED Light Bulb E26 Base for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, 2 Pack

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You might be asking, “What’s all the fuss about?” Well, let me enlighten you, literally! The LOHAS 3 Way LED Light Bulbs are not your everyday run-of-the-mill bulbs. Oh no, these bulbs are powerhouses of efficiency and functionality. Their primary purpose is to provide an energy-saving replacement for those vast, hulking, energy-guzzling 50/100/150W incandescent bulbs.

They’re excellent for casting a warm, cozy ambiance in your bedroom, kitchen, or living room. Plus, they’ve got adjustable brightness levels. Too bright for your sleepy eyes? Dim it down, buddy! Need a spot of bright light for some late-night reading? Crank it up to the max! 500/1000/1500LM – pick whatever tickles your fancy!

Consider us head over heels for the whole LOHAS light bulb range, and this 3-way beauty is no exception. First and foremost, these bulbs save you moolah. They can last over 20,000 hours, and with 85% energy conservation, you’ll probably forget what your energy bill looks like.

Now, let’s talk about the light itself. Ever had an LED bulb that flickers or buzzes more than your annoying tax collector neighbor? Not an issue here! This bulb emits stable and noise-free lighting. Plus, with a CRI>85 Ra light quality, this bulb makes everything it illuminates look fabulous (not guaranteed to help if you’re looking in the mirror early morning, though)!

Now let’s get down and dirty with the details. The LOHAS 3 Way LED light bulb is all about flexibility and control. It caters to the brightness you need depending on the scenario – you’re essentially getting three bulbs for the price of one. With this 3-way feature, you can switch from soft, ambient lighting to bright, crisp light in an instant.

While this bulb is big on function, it doesn’t compromise on simplicity. Thanks to a standard Edison screw E26 base, even the most technologically challenged among us can handle installation with ease. But remember, it needs to be paired with a 3-way dimmer switch. No dimmer, no party!

Listen up, folks! If the overall quality of a bulb were a cake, this bulb would be a delicious, triple-layered, chocolate ganache masterpiece! The light produced is warm, soft, and welcoming (just like Grandma’s cookies), clocking in at a soothing 3000K warm white light.

Nothing’s perfect, eh? Even our beloved LOHAS bulb isn’t exempt. The pros? Energy efficiency, high durability, adjustable brightness, stress-free light quality, the list goes on! The cons? You’ve got to remember to pair it with a 3-way dimmer switch (no traditional switches, please!).

Take a bow, LOHAS 3 Way LED Light Bulb – we’ve been thoroughly impressed!

LOHAS 3-Way Dimmable LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, Soft White 3000K, E26 Base, Suitable for Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Pack of 2

Youtime 3-Way Soft White Light Bulbs, 50-150 Watt Equivalent, Energy Saving, E26 Base, 4 Pack

Youtime 3 Way Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Watt Equivalent Soft White A21, Incandescent Replacement,6/15/20w Energy Saving Safety Three Way Light Bulbs, 500 1600 2200 Lumens, E26 Medium Base, 4Pack

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This Youtime A21 3-way LED soft white bulb isn’t just your run-of-the-mill light bulb. Oh no, this is the Batman of light bulbs. With its incandescent replacement capabilities for old 50, 100, 150 watt bulbs, it’s not here to play mediocre. Needing only a standard Edison screw base (E26), you can chuck out your old bulbs, replace them with this electricity-saving marvel, and start living in the bat-cave you always wanted (minus the dreariness, of course).

We love this product for many reasons, but primarily because it cares about your wallet and Mother Earth! Switching to Youtime A21 LED bulbs allows you to save up to 87%-90% on your energy bill. That’s a whole lot of cash you can use for those gourmet coffees you love! Plus, doing your bit for energy conservation? Priceless!

The Youtime A21 LED bulb is a versatile power trio. It gives you three different power levels- 50, 100, and 150 watts, making it a great fit for a variety of lighting needs. What’s more, it offers instant enlightenment (pun intended)! No more waiting for the bulb to warm up to full brightness.

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This superstar bulb also gives you 500 to 2200 lumens of stellar lighting. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, it just means it gives off a warm, high-quality lighting environment. Flicker free and no noise – it’s like a mute disco ball. What’s not to love?

Given its long lifespan (around 25,000 hours) and a 24 months warranty, this isn’t a fly-by-night affair. It’s sturdy, reliable, and surprisingly smarty-pants when it comes to power usage. In fact, it promises to stick around longer than your pesky neighbor. Plus, it’s shatter-free, talk about a tough cookie!

Alright, let’s break it down. The pros are its high lumen range, noiseless operation, flicker-free lighting, energy-saving properties, corroborated by an impressive warranty period. It also has a wide range of applications from living rooms to bathrooms and everything in between.

The cons? Well, we had to hire a team of scientists to find any, and they’re still digging. All in all, if you’re looking for a multi-functional, energy-efficient, and high-quality bulb, the Youtime A21 LED bulb is your fit.

Youtime 3-Way Soft White Light Bulbs, 50-150 Watt Equivalent, Energy Saving, E26 Base, 4 Pack

M MayJazz 2-Pack 3 Way LED Light Bulbs, 50-100-150 Watt Equivalent, E26 Medium Base, Soft White 3000K, 6-14-20W

M MayJazz 3 Way LED Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Watt Equivalent,A21 3000K Soft White,6-14-20W,E26 Medium Base,2 Pack

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Look, we’ve all been there. Standing in the middle of the light bulb aisle, rummaging through dozens of wattages and color temperatures, and you’re just wondering, how hard can it be to find the perfect bulb, right? Enter: M MayJazz 3 Way LED Light Bulbs making your life 100 watts easier. Primarily, these LED light bulbs are your energy-saving superheroes designed to replace your old environment-harming incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs. Step into the energy-efficient future, folks!

Why do we like this product? Well, for starters, these bulbs pack the punch of a 150W incandescent bulb but consume a mere 20W – that’s like having a supercar with superbike fuel economy. You get three adjustable brightness levels (500/1600/2200LM) which pretty much means you have your own indoor sun you can adjust to your will. If light bulbs could be God, the M MayJazz 3 Way LED would ascend to the title.

Is dissecting the good and gritty features your thing? Well, let’s shine a light on it. In a nutshell, this hath the brightness of a 50/100/150W bulb, providing you with three adjustable brightness levels. Furthermore, it boasts a long-lasting lifespan perched comfortably at 25,000 hours, based on 3 hours per day. This means avoiding ladder-induced accidents due to frequent bulb changing.

The 80+ CRI makes sure you see the color of items as they should be seen. No more ‘Is it blue or is it green?’ debates. Its flicker-free light prevents eyestrain – no more pretending to wink at everyone because your light bulb flickers. Its wide application makes it perfect for all sorts of table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps in living rooms and bedrooms.

In terms of quality, the M MayJazz 3 Way LED is that honors kid who always raises the bar. It gives you a 24-month warranty, with strict pre-shipment inspection. The elegant design combined with its impressive functionality makes it the perfect blend of beauty and brawn in the world of bulbs.

Pros: Energy saving, adjustable brightness, long lifespan, wide application, excellent color rendering index, and flicker-free. Cons: You may get addicted to its features and become a bulb aficionado, leading to you spending Friday nights comparing lumens instead of at the bar. But hey, at least you’re saving the planet, and your electricity bill!

M MayJazz 2-Pack 3 Way LED Light Bulbs, 50-100-150 Watt Equivalent, E26 Medium Base, Soft White 3000K, 6-14-20W

Zorykn 3-Way Soft White LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, A21 2700K, E26 Base, Energy Saving and Safe, 600/1200/1800 Lumens, Ideal for Reading, 2 Pack

Zorykn 3 Way Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Soft White, A21 2700K, 6/12/18W Energy Saving Safety Three Way Light Bulbs, 600 1200 1800 Lumens, E26 Base LED Bulbs Perfect for Reading, 2 Pack

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The Zorykn 3 Way Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Soft White, in technical jargon A21 2700K, are as versatile as your grandma’s flip phone. Designed to ensure you’re never left fumbling in areas requiring different levels of light, these bulbs offer 3-way dimmable functionality. Need to deep clean the dust bunnies under the sofa (or confirm their existence)? Crank up these bulbs to 1800 lumens. Curling up with a great book? Dial it down to a cosy 1200 lumens. Constructing a pillow fort in the bedroom? A gentle 600 lumens is a soft lullaby for your eyes.

What’s not to like? I mean, these bulbs are the equivalent of that one friend who seems to excel at everything (and yet you can’t help but appreciate them). The 6W-12W-18W, 50W-100W-150W equivalent features ensure they draw less power than a narcoleptic hamster. Plus, with a 25,000-hour lifespan, these bulbs could practically outlast your favorite couch potato.

Let’s cut to the chase. The Zorykn 3 Way Light Bulbs 50 100 150 Soft White are not just any old bulbs to illuminate your hamster’s nocturnal escapades. They are energy-saving, long-lasting, eye-protecting beacons of brilliance that refuse to flicker or dazzle. The instant-on technology eliminates those awkward pauses in light – perfect for when you stumble home after curfew. Just remember – if the light is used outside, ensure your fixture’s as watertight as your excuses!

As the saying goes, Quality is not an act, it is a habit. And the Zorykn bulbs exemplify this wisdom. With 3 levels of brightness, they cater to a variety of tasks, while the long lifespan, energy efficiency, and stellar after-sales service ensure you’ll keep coming back for more.

  • 3-way dimmable functionality makes it perfect for different lighting needs.

  • Energy efficiency that’s worth a standing ovation.

  • Long lifespan because nobody enjoys changing bulbs every other month.

  • Instant-on feature… because who likes waiting?

  • Incompatible with dimmer switches. Which is a bit like a cake hating frosting.

  • Not ideal for use with fixtures that aren’t earthquake-ready. Or weatherproof.

  • Always remember to turn off the power before installation. If not, you might learn a shocking lesson!

Don’t be left in the dark! Bring the Zorykn 3-way LED bulbs into your life – and enjoy a brighter future!

Zorykn 3-Way Soft White LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, A21 2700K, E26 Base, Energy Saving and Safe, 600/1200/1800 Lumens, Ideal for Reading, 2 Pack

Briignite 3-Way LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, E26 Base, Soft White 3000K, 2 Pack

Briignite LED Light Bulbs, 3 Way LED Light Bulbs 50 100 150W Equivalent, 3 Way Light Bulbs, Three Way A21 Light Bulbs E26 Medium Base, Soft White 3000K, 800lm-1400lm-2000lm, 2 Pack

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Who doesn’t love to have control on their hands? Yes, the Briignite LED Light Bulbs offers you the power of 3! It’s a three-way light bulb, well suited for your table lamp, floor lamp, desk lamp in your living room, bedroom, or just about anywhere! This cheeky little triple threat calls for a stand-up round of applause with its three light crafts – 800lm, 1400lm, and 2000lm, offering you the ultimate reigns over your lighting. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility; to choose the best bulb, of course!

A bulb commanding your respect, yet quietly saving your cash – sounds like a perfect housemate? The Briignite LED Light Bulbs with three lighting levels packs an impactful punch that saves you an electrifying 85% on your energy bills. With an equivalent illumination yield of a 150watt incandescent bulb on a power diet of just 20watts! Kudos to its confidence, it even assures a full refund if you aren’t thrilled. Who says blind dates don’t work out?

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This eco-friendly smarty pants bulb has put its resume on the table with a lifespan boasting of 30000 hours. Flicker-free, lead-free, mercury-free, UV-free, shattered glass-free, well basically a ‘free soul’. And oh, its 80+ CRI gives a warm hug to all the colors in your room, making them shine in their truest form. Just be weary, it doesn’t like dimmer switches.

The Briignite LED Light Bulbs are like that student in the class whose name every teacher remembers – always reliable, performing consistently, and eco-friendly in character. With Instant-on function and 5000k soft white light equivalency, this is the Leonardo DiCaprio of all bulbs without an Oscar. From table lamps to floor lamps, this luminary superstar gels well in every role.

  • It’s a Godzilla with the heart of Bambi, smashing energy bills by 85%.

  • It’s like having the remote of your lighting environment in your hands, offering three light levels.

  • It loves the environment as much as you do, minus the UV, lead, mercury, and shattered glass worries.

  • ‘Dimmer switch’… What did you say? It’s offended. It disallows any relationship with dimmer switches; please keep them apart.

  • This bulb’s ability to work is slightly tricky if your home only has normal sockets. It could be a Diva at times, agreeing to work only on a medium setting of 1400lm.

Briignite 3-Way LED Light Bulbs, 50/100/150W Equivalent, E26 Base, Soft White 3000K, 2 Pack

Comparison Section

Let’s take a torch to these bulbs, not literally, but shine a spotlight on their best and brightest features. We’ve got eight light bulbs battling out for your lamp, all promising to light up your world, and not empty your pockets. Keep in mind, none of them can make you look younger, but they sure can make you feel brighter. Let’s see how they stack up.

GE 97494 Lighting

GE brings you a classic with this soft white 3-Way light bulb. Allegedly these bulbs have journeyed for 9.4″, width is always impressive at 22.35″ and 22.61″ in height. Sounds like GE has got “size does matter” memo perfectly right!

TJBB UL Listed

Like a high-performance athlete, TJBB goes all out and offers three light levels. From high brightness for a party night to low glow for that cozy date night, TJBB lights up your world. Bonus points for saying goodbye to those pesky incandescent bulbs!

Briignite 3 Way Light

Our Briignite fellow boasts an impressive range from 600lm to 1600lm, covering your lighting needs whether you’re reading, cooking, or catching a thief at night! One downside though – for those who like to dim their lights, this one says a big no-no.


LOHAS is the best friend that’s always there when you need it. It offers adjustable brightness, dimming all the way down to give you that perfect mood lighting. Plus, it’s got this warm, comfortable glow, straight-up ‘hygge’ style.

Youtime 3 Way

Youtime is the flashy speedster of the group, boasting instant lighting with no waiting time. Why wait when you can light up instantaneously? Do remember though while setting up, it likes going fast but only in the right socket!

M MayJazz 3 Way LED

Don’t be fooled by the soft sounds of the MayJazz name. It packs a punch with three adjustable brightness levels. Plus, it boasts about its long-lasting lifespan. So if you’re into forming long-lasting relationships, M MayJazz might be your match!

Zorykn 3 Way Light

Into dimmable moods? Zorykn might just be your ideal partner! The dimming game is strong with this one. Just note, it does come with a bit of a complex – don’t pair it with a dimmer switch or risk flickering headaches!

Briignite LED Light Bulbs

Behold, a bulb that swears by the no-flickering rule! The second Briignite offering in the list comes with a whopping 2000lm brightness level, its way of saying, “I will light up your world whether you like it or not!”

Specifications Table

Product Wattage Brightness (LM) Range Color Temperature Lifespan (Hours) Dimmable
GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150W Soft White
TJBB UL Listed 5/10/15W 700-2100 Soft White 3000K No
Briignite 3 Way Light 7/10/15W 600-1600 Daylight White 5000K 15000 No
LOHAS 3 Way LED 50/100/150W Equivalent 500/1000/1500 Soft White 3000K 20000 Yes
Youtime 3 Way 6/14/20W 500-2200 Soft White 25000 No
M MayJazz 3 Way LED 6-14-20W 500/1600/2200 Soft White 3000K 25000 Yes
Zorykn 3 Way Light 6/12/18W 600/1200/1800 Soft White 2700K 25000 Yes (Not compatible with dimmer switch)
Briignite LED Light Bulbs 9/15/20W 800-2000 Soft White 3000K 30000 Yes

Now, you’re armed with the specs, the features, and the weird characteristics. No need to leave you in the dark, while choosing the right light bulb, folks!

The Great Light Bulb Showdown

Good news, light aficionados! We have the skinny on eight superb products that’ll light up your life brighter than a Broadway marquee. But hold your horses, before that we’ll toss some trivia your way – these aren’t just any light bulbs, they’re 3-way light bulbs. What, pray tell, is a 3-way bulb? Basically, it’s three bulbs for the price of one – isn’t that swell?!

So if you’ve got a case of the ‘3-way bulb’ curiosity, let’s illuminate the situation together. Ready? Alrighty, let’s add some sparkle to this!

Cast a Glow with GE 97494 Lighting 50/100/150-Watt

This 3-way bulb pack knows how to show off its radiance. It’s like the Beyonce of bulbs – super bright and soft, but still powerful. What’s the downside you wonder? Not recommended for disco balls or superhero signals.

TJBB UL Listed 6-Pack

This one is a frugalista’s dream. You’re getting so much bang for your buck and energy efficiency to boot! But sorry, these bulbs don’t increase your home’s value or cure baldness.

Briignite 3 Way Light Bulbs

This pack is like a light bulb ninja. Provides stealthy, bright light, but in a diplomatic, non-blinding kind of way. Minor drawback – it doesn’t moonlight as a tanning device.

LOHAS 3 Way LED Light Bulbs

This bulb set nails the three S’s: Soft, Subtle and Suitable for every room. But keep an eye out for its narcissistic tendencies. It keeps saying: “I’m the brightest bulb in the box”!

YouTime 3 Way Light Bulbs

If you want the full-blown experience of walking into a superstar’s dressing room, then this is your jam. Let’s just comes out with it – it’s not able to light up an entire football field.

M MayJazz 3 Way LED Light Bulbs

These bulbs offer ample light while maintaining a soft, mood-setting tone. However, they have not been tested for their ability to summon Batman.

Zorykn 3 Way Light Bulbs

An exceptional choice – lightens your room and heart with its soft, warm light. But heads up, they won’t automatically make your jokes funnier (tried and tested, true story).

Briignite LED A21

Brings a warm and soothing glow to your home. Only bummer? They can’t be used as backup studio lighting for your upcoming horror movie.

Final Verdict

And there you have it! You’ve survived the great light bulb review. Now you’re officially an enlightened expert on 3-way bulbs. Drumroll please – our star recommendation for anyone who loves a seriously good bit of light (looking at you, late-night readers and midnight snackers), is the riff-raff free and drama-less TJBB UL Listed 6-Pack. It offers a bang for your buck and is perfect for your nocturnal shenanigans. With it, you’ll never have to face the harsh reality of a stubbed toe on your night raids to the fridge!

But remember, none of these bulbs can single-handedly turn you into a movie star or sign autographs for your fans!

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