Test Comparison of DIY LED Grid Rack and Professional LED Grow Lights by Urban Farmstead

As we navigate our burgeoning urban farmstead, we find ourselves again amidst the warm glow of LED lights. In this riveting sequel update, we chronicle the robust performance of the DIY LED grid rack for two diligent months. This isn’t merely an account of how the ingenious arrangement has far exceeded our wildest expectations, but also a fascinating face-off between professional LED grow lights and our trusty, economical LED shop lights.

A thrilling journey awaits, as we share the process of constructing an LED Grow Rack for starting vegetable seedlings, a boon for summer gardeners. Kyle, the innovative creator, continues to astound us with his achievements – over 400 thriving seedlings which include an assortment of peppers, tomatoes, flowers and herbs. Prepare to have your preconceived notions on LED shop lights and LED grow lights challenged as he makes astonishing discoveries on their respective efficacies, all the while illuminating essential facts about LED lights’ Calvin range required to start seedlings healthily.

Overview of the Video

In our Urban Farmstead universe, we believe that sharing is caring which is why we took the time to create a follow-up video showcasing the massive success of our endeavour in creating a DIY LED grid rack for starting vegetable seedlings. Commonly found household items were put to great use for this venture, defying initial doubts and fears we had about this little experiment.

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Purpose of the Video

The creation of the video was not born out of the need to showboat our DIY project but was driven by our passion to share knowledge and nourish the community of urban farmers. The video also includes a test to assess the effectiveness of inexpensive LED shop lights against professional grow lights.

Creator of the Video

I, Kyle, from Urban Farmstead, designed, implemented, and created this video. Our motive is to inspire and share ideas around setting up your own urban farmstead.

Number of Seedlings Started

Over 400 seedlings, ranging from tomatoes, peppers, herbs to flowers, added life to the LED grow rack and contributed to our summer garden plot.

Results of DIY LED Grid Rack

Duration of Successful Performance

The DIY LED grow rack functioned seamlessly for two whole months, starting vegetative seedlings of various kinds for our summer garden. The doubts and apprehensions we initially held on serious performance-related issues were blown away by the remarkable progress demonstrated by the seedlings.

Benefits of DIY LED Grid Rack

Beyond serving as an effective seed starting setup, creating a DIY LED grid rack is an economical alternative. It allows us to take up urban farming in a more accessible, affordable and sustainable manner, supporting the growth of a healthy, at-home food source.

Test Comparison of DIY LED Grid Rack and Professional LED Grow Lights by Urban Farmstead

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Comparison between Professional LED Grow Lights and LED Shop Lights

Test Setup

To evaluate the potency of LED shop lights in comparison to LED grow lights, an identical tray of seedlings was placed under each type of lights in the same environmental conditions.

Test Parameters

The growth, health and overall performance of the seedlings under each type of light were closely monitored.

Observations and Measurements

Upon careful examination and comparison, the seedlings under the LED shop lights turned out to be surprisingly healthy, vibrant and comparable to those grown under the LED grow lights.

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Comparison of Results

The LED shop lights met up to the bar set by the LED grow lights, confirming that they are a fantastic, cost-effective alternative for starting seeds indoors.

Effectiveness of LED Lights in Growing Vegetable Seedlings

Ideal Kelvin Range for LED Lights

While LED lights have been proven efficient in sprouting seeds, this is not true for all LED lights. LED lights with a Kelvin range from 4,000 to 6,500 K are the most effective for starting vegetable seedlings.

Importance of LED Lights

LED lights, particularly in the aforementioned Kelvin range, mimic the natural sunlight conditions necessary for seedlings, promoting healthy growth and development.

Advantages of LED Lights

LED lights, being energy-efficient and long-lasting, lower the overall energy consumption and costs. They also deliver a uniform light spectrum, ensuring all the seedlings receive the necessary light for photosynthesis.

Test Comparison of DIY LED Grid Rack and Professional LED Grow Lights by Urban Farmstead

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Modifications to the LED Grid Rack

Addition of Insulation Layers

One significant modification made to the LED grow rack was the addition of extra insulation layers to the bottom. This enhanced the heat retention, creating a more conducive environment for seed development.

Purpose of Modifications

The updates were aimed to make the rack more efficient by improving heat retention, which is crucial for germinating seeds and young seedlings.

Improvement in Heat Retention

With better heat retention, the germination rate of the seeds improved, and the seedlings showed healthier growth patterns.

Success of LED Lights in Starting Seeds

Comparison with Regular Light

The LED lights proved more successful than conventional light in starting seeds. They offer a highly specific light spectrum that matches the photosynthetic needs of the plants and ensures consistent light exposure.

Difficulty of Starting Seeds

While some seeds can be a bit tricky to start, the targeted light from LED lights creates optimal conditions for germination and growth, across various plant species.

LED Lights as a Solution

The use of LED lights provides a practical, frugal and effective solution to starting seeds, especially in indoor conditions.

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Test Comparison of DIY LED Grid Rack and Professional LED Grow Lights by Urban Farmstead

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Material List for the DIY LED Grow Rack

Availability on Amazon

The comprehensive list of materials required to build the LED grow rack can be found on Amazon, allowing you to purchase everything you need in a single platform.

List of Required Materials

The list includes essential items such as LED shop lights, a kitchen storage rack, and other materials and supplies that are generally available at local hardware stores or nurseries.

Encouragement to Make Your Own LED Grow Rack

Benefits of DIY Approach

Taking the DIY route allows for customization according to your needs and space while also promoting sustainability and self-reliance.

Supporting Sustainability

Creating a DIY LED grow rack at home makes urban farming more sustainable and cost-effective, shifting away from the dependence on extensively transported store-bought produce.

Link to Channel Subscription

With a continual aim to foster a farming community, subscribing to our channel allows for a constant exchange of innovative ideas, gather inspirations and share experiences which will only help all of us better our practices.

Test Comparison of DIY LED Grid Rack and Professional LED Grow Lights by Urban Farmstead

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This journey of creating a DIY LED grid rack, starting over 400 seedlings, and testing different types of lights was both a challenge and a revelation for us. The DIY rack’s success, the surprising effectiveness of LED shop lights, and the overall growth of the seedlings continue to encourage us in our Urban Farmstead path – nurturing and promoting urban farming practices. We encourage you too to embark on this journey, starting small with a DIY LED grow rack at home. Remember, just like the seeds that turn into nourishing crops, small steps can lead to significant changes. Happy farming!

This is a subsequent footage to illustrate the performance of our DIY LED grid rack after a sixty-day duration. We’re also putting professional LED grow lights to the test to evaluate their competitiveness with the affordable LED store lights we’ve been utilizing.

To fully comprehend our construction process of this rack, consult our LED Grow Rack Build video: • How to Build an LED Grow Light Rack f…

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