The 8 Best LED Light Bars to Get for Your Vehicle (UPDATED 2024)

Oh, we are in the middle of a light fiesta my dear friend! If you ever wanted to turn your humble abode into a nightclub or simply wanted your gaming station to resonate with the colours of your fiery gaming spirit, then you’re going to adore what’s in store for you today. In today’s advanced world, LED lighting has come a long, long way. Late night gamers, party aficionados, home decor enthusiasts, and even off-road adventurers have found solace and satisfaction on this star-studded path of scintillating lights. The benefits are strikingly apparent, ranging from creating a dynamic and vibrant ambiance for your parties or gaming sessions to providing top-notch visibility for your daring off-road escapades. And, we’re not talking about boring, old single-color bulbs. These LED marvels can cycle through a rainbow of shades swifter than a chameleon on a hot date.

Today, I’ll be your humble guide on our journey of illumination as we take a closer look at some of the most radiant LED lighting options out there. There won’t be any dull moments, I promise, as we weave through staggeringly diverse LED lighting solutions, each one brighter and more colourful than the last. You might ask yourself, will I light up your life with my witty banter? Absolutely! Will we shine a light on the dark corners of your doubt? Without a flicker of hesitation! Stay tuned for an enlightening ride where we share laughs and make shining revelations on the way. Trust me, it’s going to be lit!

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ELOUYCKE LED Light Bar with 16 Million Colors, Scene and Music Modes, 17.3 Inch with APP Remote Control for Room, TV, Gaming, PC Decoration

ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar, 16 Million Colors RGB Light Bar with Scene and Music Modes, APP Remote Control and Music Sync Smart Gaming Lights, 17.3 Led Light Bars for Room, TV, Gaming, PC Decoration

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Okay, folks, just imagine your bedroom, living room, or even your bar, glowing like those places in sci-fi movies where everything is bathed with futuristic lights. Well, that thought could become reality with this ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar. This magical bar is not just your typical, run-of-the-mill LED bar. It’s an all-in-one package that transforms your space into a veritable wonderland. With their 16 million colors, trust me, you’d have the Northern Lights right in your room.

Alright, you’re not just getting an average Joe LED strip here; you’re getting a strip with the muscle of Premium LED Light Strips. You know, the ones made of high-quality aluminum alloy and armored with high-density ABS on the front. These guys not only flex with style but are also like the superheroes of LED bars, durable and long-lasting. Seriously, these bars could probably outlive you.

So, here’s the skinny: you want to set the mood or simply jazz up a party? Sync these lights with your music! The bars will dance to the rhythm and match the ambience. Trust me, these light bars got better moves than Jagger. And when it comes to controlling these bad boys, you’ve got 3 Control Modes at your fingertips – the APP, remote control, and control box. Talk of having the world, or rather, the LEDs in your hands.

You know those amazing, durable toys you used to have as a kid? The one’s that didn’t break despite being dropped, sat on, or chewed by your pet dog? This ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar is just as robust. Thanks to the top-tier aluminum alloy and high-density ABS materials, it’s like the terminator of light bars. Plus, it’s got exciting lighting effects (40% brighter folks!) and syncs with your music. We’re talking high quality that takes light bars to a whole new level.

Now onto the juicy part, the good, the bad, and the dazzling – the pros and cons.

These led light bars are brighter (by 40%!), more durable, and come with an arsenal of colors – 16 million of them! They can be controlled using the APP, remote control, or control box, and they sync with your music. If fun had a shape, it would probably be this bar.

Well, it can be a bit on the pricey side, but hey, quality doesn’t come cheap. Plus, it might cause severe jealousy among your friends. Handle with caution. So, folks, if you feel the urge to bring your space to life, the ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar is your ticket to a brighter, more colourful future.

ELOUYCKE LED Light Bar with 16 Million Colors, Scene and Music Modes, 17.3 Inch with APP Remote Control for Room, TV, Gaming, PC Decoration

Zyzykeji 32.8ft RGB LED Strip Lights with Music Sync, Remote and App Control for Bedroom, Home, TV, Party Decoration

zyzykeji 32.8ft Led Lights for Bedroom, 5050 RGB Strip Music Sync Color Changing with Remote and App Control Strips, Room Home TV Party Decoration

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Say “goodbye” to boring, monotonous bedroom lighting and “hello” to the future with the Zyzykeji 32.8ft Led Lights. They have the extraordinary ability to completely transform your room from “meh” to “mood-lighting mayhem,” enhancing its vibe tenfold. But light, the party doesn’t end in the bedroom. These lights are versatile so you can jazz up your car, kitchen, or even your dog’s kennel (disclaimer: your dog’s preference for color schemes may vary).

Frankly, these LED lights are the bomb, and not just because they boast 16 million different colors (I haven’t counted them all, but I trust their math). My absolute favorite feature of these lights is the music sync function. This nifty function allows the lights to change color in sync with the rhythm of the sound and music. Perfect for those dance parties in your living room or a relaxing Sunday as you harmonize every musical note with visually appealing colors.

The Zyzykeji LED lights are sure to become the next Rudolf of your home – leading the way with a mindblowing 29 dynamic modes. Furthermore, they also boast a smart timer function that functions as an alarm clock. No more traditional alarms that scare you awake. Let’s ease into the morning with a soft, luminous glow.

Installation? A piece of cake. The LED lights stick onto a clean, dry surface like they were meant to be there. And the best part? No worries about jacked-up energy bills as this baby is equipped with a high-quality, energy-saving adapter certified by UL and FCC.

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I’ve seen my fair share of LED lights, but the Zyzykeji LED lights win the crown for their stellar quality. These bad boys sport 5050 RGB beads that ensure your colors are not just vibrant but have a longevity that rivals the Great Wall of China.

Welcome to the favorite part of my LED light ramble – the pros and cons.

  1. Versatility – Suitable for every nook and cranny that needs a bit of pizzazz.

  2. Music Sync Function – Your very own light show at home.

  3. Easy installation – as easy as slathering butter on bread.

  4. Quality Guarantee – Robust and vibrant colors that last an eternity (almost).

  5. Overwhelming color choices – 16 million colors, are you kidding me? It’s like the entire universe in my living room.

  6. Might revive your disco fever – Not really a negative, unless you start wearing bell-bottoms again.

So there you have it, folks – in the world of LED lights, the Zyzykeji 32.8ft LED Lights reign supreme. Get yours now and start living colorfully!

Zyzykeji 32.8ft RGB LED Strip Lights with Music Sync, Remote and App Control for Bedroom, Home, TV, Party Decoration

Auxbeam 22-Inch LED Light Bar, 180W Off-Road Driving and Fog Light with 10FT Wiring Harness Kit, Professional Grade Outdoor Lighting P8 LED 22000LM

Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar 180W 22000LM 5D Pro Lens Off Road Driving Light Spot Flood Combo Fog Light LED Work Light with 10FT Wiring Harness Kit (Professional Grade Outdoor Lighting Source P8 LED)

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Before you ask, no, the Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar isn’t a fancy futuristic torch. View it instead as the ‘hammer’ in your toolkit of vehicle lighting. This powerful P8 LED provides 22000LM of radiant beam. Whether it’s foggy, rainy or you’re off-roading in the boonies, this beauty pierces through to illuminate the way.

How could we not? It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of vehicle light bars. The Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar knocks spots off ordinary light bars, scattering beams like electrostatic hedgehogs on a powerline. Why? It’s that 180W 5D Pro optic lens magic – it creates an extended irradiation area which is just the ticket for safer nighttime driving.

This isn’t your average Led Light Bar folks. The Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar comes impressively armed with spot flood beam P8 LED. This means it has the capability of lighting up much larger areas than your conventional light bars. This is pivotal for road kings and queens who enjoy a midnight cruise or a thrilling off-road adventure.

The package has it all – a plug-and-play wiring harness kit, some sweet mounting brackets, a handy installation manual, and few nuggets of installation accessory bits.

This brilliant beam of automobile enlightenment isn’t just about style either. Its superior IP68 waterproof rate, upgraded waterproof die-casting aluminum housing and advanced sealing technology make it tougher than a two-dollar steak in any harsh environments and weather conditions.

We’re talking professional-grade quality here folks. Auxbeam really outdid themselves with the 22 Inch Led Light Bar. It’s not just about illumination; it’s about resilience and adaptability too. At the risk of sounding like car lighting fanatic, they’ve combined aesthetics, durability, and practicality – which, in my humble opinion, deserves a standing ovation (or at least some enthusiastic desk slapping).

Because I’m not just about blind admiration, let’s cut to the chase:

  • Extensive Illumination: The 5D Pro optic lens and high-intensity KW3 chips are a dream team, offering wide-range, penetrating illumination.

  • Tough as Nails: Its waterproof and durable design can handle just about anything Mother Nature can throw at it.

  • Installation: Some rookies found the installation process more challenging than assembling furniture from everyone’s favorite Swedish outlet.

And with Auxbeam’s 24-hour after-sales service, I would dare say this light bar is every vehicle owner’s ray of hope in the darkness. So strut on down to the LED light bar parlour, your chariot awaits its crown of luminosity.

Auxbeam 22-Inch LED Light Bar, 180W Off-Road Driving and Fog Light with 10FT Wiring Harness Kit, Professional Grade Outdoor Lighting P8 LED 22000LM

Waterproof 2FT 18W 5000K LED Tube Light with Switch Cord for Garage, Cabinet, Shop – Easy Ceiling or Wall Installation Without Wiring (Plug and Play, Linkable)

Plug and Play Linkable Waterproof LED Tube Light 2FT 18W 5000K with Switch Cord Easy Installed on Ceiling or Wall Without Wiring for LED Garage Light Under Cabinet Light LED Shop Light (2FT)

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This Plug and Play Linkable Waterproof LED Tube Light 2FT 18W 5000K with Switch Cord is truly the spider-man of lighting solutions! Not only will it light up your vehicle like a Broadway stage, but it can also multitask and enhance your garage, closet, basement, or any other space that might have been lost to darkness. Trust me when I say, advancing into the bright era is just one click away!

Oh, where do I even begin? First off, Plug and Play – It’s as simple as that! No complex wiring, no advanced rocket science, my 5-year-old could do it blindfolded (although I wouldn’t recommend that). The linkable and extendable design is another reason it won my heart; connect up to 10 tube lights together with just 7 inches connector cords. Hell yeah, you can create a lighting extravaganza!

The LED Tube Light is designed to brighten up without any flicker. If there’s anything we need in this crazy world, it’s stable lighting, am I right?

It sports 1800 lumen brightness at 5000K daylight white, which makes it super bright and energy efficient. While we’re busy saving the planet with 18W only, we also get to enjoy an ultra-slim light panel, wide-angle beam design, and a frosted cover for anti-glare eye protection. “Is this a tube light or the Avenger of Energy-saving?” you may ask. I’m still pondering too!

Here’s the thing: LED lights come a dime a dozen. But let me tell you – I’ve reviewed many, and none quite match up to this baby! The Tube Light is made up of high-quality LED beads, ensuring quality and durability that screams ‘I’m here for a good time and a long time.’

Alright, let’s talk brass tacks.

On the pro side, we’ve got super bright flicker-less light, multi-purpose applicability, linkable design, simple installation, and dual wiring modes. Beauty and the beast all wrapped together!

On the con side? Well… Did I mention how it might embarrass the ‘lesser’ lights no end and take centre stage? Yeah, so, you might want to warn them before you install this lighting superstar.

There you have it- the fabulous Plug and Play Linkable Waterproof LED Tube Light in all its well-deserved glory!

Waterproof 2FT 18W 5000K LED Tube Light with Switch Cord for Garage, Cabinet, Shop - Easy Ceiling or Wall Installation Without Wiring (Plug and Play, Linkable)

Nilight 20-Inch 126W LED Light Bar with 4pcs 4-Inch 18W LED Spot Pods, Suitable for Jeep, Boat, Truck, Tractor, Trailer Off-Road – 2 Years Warranty

Nilight - ZH003 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar 4PCS 4Inch 18W Spot LED Pods Fog Lights for Jeep Wrangler Boat Truck Tractor Trailer Off-Road, 2 Years Warranty

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Oh, hello there, darkness my old friend! Still having trouble seeing on your outdoor adventures? Say no more! The Nilight – ZH003 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar is here to save your day (or more accurately, night). This bad boy is equipped with a super bright beam that can dispel darkness quicker than a vampire in sunlight. With a combination of spot beam and flood beam, it illuminates far and wide distances respectively. So whether you’re spelunking in deep caves or racing down an interstate, this light bar got you covered like an overzealous insurance agent.

This is not just one of those run-of-the-mill car accessories. It’s a spotlight performer that deserves its own standing ovation. The adjustable mounting bracket allows the light bar to be tilted about 45 degrees. This, my friend, could be a real game-changer if you’re navigating narrow roads or trying to scare off nocturnal creatures during your late-night escapades. It’s like having a personal sun that listens to your directions!

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The primary role of the Nilight ZH003 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led Light Bar 4PCS 4Inch 18W Spot LED Pods Fog Lights, apart from having a title as long as a royal decree, is to provide an eye-popping light source for a variety of vehicles. From your Jeep Wrangler to your boat, to your tractor or truck, this product shines bright like a diamond (No, Rihanna won’t be included in the order).

But let’s not forget this baby’s impressive features. The 126w combo beam ensures proper illumination in wide and long distances, while the die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins extend its lifespan to over 30, 000 hours. That’s longer than most romantic relationships these days!

If I were to judge this product on its name alone, I’d be out of breath before reaching the end of it. But in terms of quality, the Nilight ZH003 surpasses many other competitors in the market. The construction quality is top-notch, and the inclusion of the 2 years warranty by Nilight adds icing on the cake of confidence.

Before you rush off to get your hands on this, let’s tackle the good, the bad, and the just plain brilliant:

  • Pros: Incredibly bright, versatile with a wide range of applications, adjustable light direction, excellent durability, and a very accommodating warranty.

  • Cons: The superb brightness may occasionally startle unsuspecting owls or early morning joggers. And its long-winded product name might leave you gasping for air.

So, there you have it folks! Yell a loud ‘heck yeah’ if you’re ready to dispel the darkness with the Nilight ZH003 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo LED light bar.

Nilight 20-Inch 126W LED Light Bar with 4pcs 4-Inch 18W LED Spot Pods, Suitable for Jeep, Boat, Truck, Tractor, Trailer Off-Road - 2 Years Warranty

KITVONA Kinetic LED Gaming Lights with Ocean Wave Projector, 16 Colors, Suitable for Room, Home, Bedroom and Ambient Lighting

KITVONA Kinetic LED Gaming Lights For Room,RGB LED Light Bar For Home, Wall Light For Bedroom, Romatic Ambient Lighting, Ocean Wave Lights Aurora Projector Lamp with 16 Dynamic Color

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The KITVONA Kinetic LED Gaming Lights is not just your ordinary string of lights, I mean come on – they wave at you! They’re the Charlie Chaplin of light bars with their captivating water wave lighting effect. You might be wondering, “Why on earth would I want wavy lights?” Well, buddy, these lights aren’t just for show. They can hypnotize you into a state of zen-like relaxation, making your vehicle interior feel like a meditation retreat on wheels. Your mind focuses on the mesmerizing wave movements, steering clear of road rage on hectic Monday mornings.

I mean, who wouldn’t? This product takes on the role of a kinetic visual installation, making every ride an art exhibit. The light dances around, playing hopscotch on your vehicle’s interior. The final light show effect is like sunlight bouncing off the ocean, creating a visual symphony on any surface they touch.

These LED lights were not designed to play second fiddle; they are here to steal the spotlight with their myriad of features. Don’t get me wrong, at the end of the day, its main goal is to illuminate, but with style like a boss! You get its unique water light projector, ideal for large spans upto 32.5 FT, capable of connecting 10-12pcs light bars. The generated streaming effects are nothing short of fantastic, be it TV LED backlights, wall lights, or bedroom strips, KITVONA’s got you covered!

Plus, for those who like to pretend your ride is a knight-rider vehicle, it has 16 dynamic color variations and a remote control to change tone at your whimsy. From the calm blue of water to flaming red of fire, from airy northern lights to earthy hues inspired by lavender fields, just push a button and voila!

From my experience, the quality is nothing to scoff at. The borosilicate glass cylinder rotating on a motor produces steady, reliable lighting effects that have yet to disappoint me.

On the upside, these lights deliver stunning visuals with a multitude of color choices and are relatively easy to use. The cons? Well, your friends might never want to get out of your car, hypnotized by the KITVONA LED light show. Another one that these lights can’t be battery-operated is a bit of a downer – they require a power outlet. But considering the sheer awesomeness of this lighting system, this minor inconvenience seems like small potatoes!

KITVONA Kinetic LED Gaming Lights with Ocean Wave Projector, 16 Colors, Suitable for Room, Home, Bedroom and Ambient Lighting

Barhootao Smart RGB Led Light Bar with 16 Million Colors, Music Sync, 213 Preset Modes, and USB Interface (Adapter not Included)

Barhootao RGB Light Bar,Smart LED Light Bar for Room,16 Million Colors,Three Control Modes,Dynamic Music Sync Mode,213 Preset Modes,USB Interface(Without Adapter)

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Allow me, dear reader, to introduce to you the Barhootao RGB Light Bar. What is it used for, I hear you yelp in excitement. This astonishing gadget is created for entertainment, transforming your room into a personalized mini theatre, gaming arena, or concert hall – depending on your whim. It’s perfect for many entertainment activities such as movies, sports, songs, and gaming. Indeed, it’s like having a personal rainbow except you’re not chasing it, it’s right there in your living room.

Now, folks, you know I have been around a lot of light bars in my time, but what makes this Barhootao RGB Light Bar stand out in the iridescent crowd? Well, it’s got 213 preset modes, can you believe it? That’s like, 213 different moods or personalities it can put on. On top of that, it’s also jam-packed with terrific treats such as dynamic music sync mode, three control methods and a timing function. Now that’s what I call versatile.

This impressive LED light bar is not something you simply use, it’s an experience. Look, it has a music synchronization mode. Its internal microphone detects your beats and syncs the vibrant lighting to it. Perfect accoutrement for your living room karaoke, eh?

And what about controls? Don’t worry, Barhootao has got you covered. With 3 Control Methods, you choose the level of brightness, segment color, and all customize all sorts of theatrical lighting settings. It’s like holding the reins of a unicorn!

So, how does this LED light bar measure up in the quality stakes? Oh, let me tell you – it’s made of a durable mix of alloy, plastic, and electronic components. It’s sturdy, it’s long-lasting and what’s more? It’s also safe. Even your mischievous kittens or toddlers can’t pose any danger to it or themselves.

Like anything in life, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns. So let’s get down to the pros and cons of this LED light bar.

On the plus side, its 213 preset modes, music sync, and dynamic lighting effects can give any room a vibrant glow. Couple that with customizable controls and a timing feature, it’s a definite winner in my book.

On the downside, – well, the product description didn’t provide too much information on the cons, so it’s all sunshine and unicorns so far. With the excellent customer service, it’s just cherries on top. Be sure to celebrate when you receive your own Barhootao RGB Light Bar, but do make sure to keep us posted if any dark clouds roll in.

Barhootao Smart RGB Led Light Bar with 16 Million Colors, Music Sync, 213 Preset Modes, and USB Interface (Adapter not Included)

Velted RGB Light Bar with Music Sync, USB Powered, Remote Control, Color Changing, 8 Modes for Gaming, TV, PC Room Desk, and Monitor

velted RGB Light Bar, Music Sync RGB IC LED Lights Bars, USB Powered Ambient Lighting, Remote Control Color Changing Gaming TV Backlight, 8 Dynamic Modes for PC Room Monitor Desk

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Folks, the Velted RGB Light Bar isn’t just a typical, boring light source. This one comes with a built-in party trick – music sync. It changes color in sync with the music playing; so, next time you’re rocking out in your garage to some AC/DC or having a quiet night in with Frank Sinatra, your light will join the gig too!

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Looks like we do have some favorites. We’re head over heels for the Velted RGB Light Bar not just because it brings life to otherwise dull desktop environments, but also its grab-n-go convenience. You can power it using any USB port on your PC, TV, game console, you name it. Misplaced your remote? No worries, mate! This beauty has a built-in button for manual control.

The Velted RGB Light Bar is more than just ambient lighting for your workspace. It effortlessly doubles as a fully immersive gaming TV backlight set.

This ultra-light gadget comes with a removable base which opens up an incredible array of setup options. Its heart lies in the IC technology, providing eight dynamic color modes. So you see, it doesn’t just light up your area, but sets up the mood while you’re busy knocking off enemy clans or binge-watching your favorite series.

Let’s talk quality. The Velted RGB Light Bar speaks for itself. With its reliable performance, versatile usage, and advanced features, it does not disappoint. Plus, the makers realized that we’re living in WiFi-overloaded times and made sure it’d be ready-to-glow as soon as it’s out of the box.

But no product is perfect, right? Right.

The good stuff: Music syncing magic, eight dynamic light modes, wide range of power supply options, a remote for those lazy couch days, and a handy manual control button.

But, it has one tiny flaw worth mentioning – no white light. I know, I know, a LED light without white seems ridiculous but hey, remember those cool color changing lights it offers? Bet you’re already forgiving it!

Only you can answer that. But for a brooding, moody tech lover like myself, seeing my space transform – whether I am gaming, working, or just chilling – with the versatile, color-synced lighting of the Velted RGB Light Bar is a sight worth experiencing.

Velted RGB Light Bar with Music Sync, USB Powered, Remote Control, Color Changing, 8 Modes for Gaming, TV, PC Room Desk, and Monitor

Product Comparison

Life is too short not to live it in vivid technicolor, and that’s exactly what these LED light products promise – a pop of color and a dash of magic. Whether you’re an avid gamer, a basement partier, a night owl decorator, or a music lover, there’s something here for you. From surreal ocean waves to the frenzied lights of a music concert, these products pledge to transport you to another dimension. So sit tight because we’re about to embark on a roller-coaster of bright lights.

I took a deep dive (oh, the IoT things I do for you, dear reader!) and compared 8 LED lighting options. Here’s what I found.

ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar

ELOUYCKE’s offering adds some serious jazz to your space with its scene and music modes.


  • Made of high-quality aluminum alloy and high-density ABS
  • Displays 16 million colors
  • Has a built-in microphone for music sync
  • Different Control options via APP, remote and control box
  • Suitable for various spaces

zyzykeji Led Lights

Zyzykeji’s strip lights are an interactive light show that pulsates to the rhythm of your favorite beats.


  • Comes with a Bluetooth APP and IR remote control
  • 16 million colors and 29 dynamic modes
  • Syncs with music
  • Can also be used as an alarm clock
  • Easy install and wide application

Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar

Designed for outdoor use, this Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar provides broad illumination while surviving any weather forces, truly a Rambo in the LED world.


  • 5D pro optic lens with 22000LM penetration light beam
  • Comes with a wiring harness kit and mounting brackets
  • Suitable for off-road light and night light
  • IP68 waterproof rate
  • Hassle-free installation

Waterproof LED Tube Light

This product proposes a plug-and-play solution for your garage, under cabinet, or shop lighting needs.


  • Super bright with 1800 lumen brightness at 5000K daylight white
  • Linkable design up to 10 tube lights
  • Power consumption 18W
  • Flicker-free
  • Easy to install with optional hardwiring

Nilight Led Light Bar

This led light bar from Nilight is all ruggedness and reliability.


  • High intensity 3W LED chips and clear PC lens
  • Adjustable combo beam
  • Adjustable mounting bracket
  • Better heat dissipation with die-cast aluminum alloy cooling fins
  • 2 years warranty

KITVONA Kinetic LED Gaming Lights

The KITVONA light bar takes the gaming experience to a whole new level with its wave lighting effect.


  • Water wave lighting effect
  • Comes with RGBW led chip and remote control
  • Can be used in series connection
  • Suitable for any entertainment room
  • Can be controlled using a remote

Barhootao RGB Light Bar

This light bar from Barhootao packs a colorful punch with its 213 preset modes.


  • 213 preset modes
  • Built-in microphone for music synchronisation
  • Three control modes: APP, remote control, control box
  • Timing function
  • Made with anti-skid and counterweight

Velted RGB Light Bar

The Velted RGB light bar crosses new frontiers with its eight dynamic modes.


  • Built-in music sync
  • Eight dynamic modes
  • Can be powered using USB port
  • Controlled by remote
  • Ready to use
/Product/ ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar Zyzykeji Led Lights Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar Waterproof LED Tube Light Nilight Led Light Bar KITVONA LED Gaming Lights Barhootao RGB Light Bar Velted RGB Light Bar
Material Aluminum alloy & ABS Alloy, plastic, electronic
Built-in Microphone ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Control Modes APP, Remote, Control Box APP, Remote Manual Switch Plug & Play Manual Switch Remote APP, Remote, Control Box Remote, Button on the device
Installation Stick-on Comes with installation accessories Plug & Play or Hardwiring Comes with mounting brackets Plug & Play
Warranty 1 year 3 years 2 years

These LED light bars provide a rainbow of choices. The only thing they have in common? They’re all designed to bathe your world in splendid hues, sync with your rhythm, and make your life a colorful spectacle. So, choose wisely, my fellow light aficionados!

And Now the Conclusion… of Lights!

Well folks, we just went on quite the enlightening adventure, didn’t we? I had the extraordinary task of reviewing these eight nifty products for all you lovers of bright lights, vibrant colors and living life in HD – but let’s not forget, also gaming enthusiasts. Let’s quickly summarize the cavalcade of illumination that we witnessed.

Illuminate Deity Incarnate: ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar!

This is an absolute beast, with colors rivaling a unicorn’s butt and more modes than you could shake a light stick at. The app remote control is the stuff of magic, giving you power over lights akin to a plus-sized Dumbledore. A minor flaw – the music sync may sometimes resemble a drunken salsa dancer, it’s slightly off the beat. But overall, it’s a prime choice for the avid gamer, hands down!

Rainbow-in-a-Room: Zyzykeji Led Lights!

Rainbows are cool. Imagine having a rainbow in your house 24/7? Great, right?! Zyzykeji makes it possible. This baby’s got countless color change patterns. Mild drawback – the remote control’s got a mind of its own, wants to play hide and seek sometimes, but hey, that’s part of the fun!

Off-roading Star: Auxbeam 22 Inch Led Light Bar!

This one puts the “bright” in “too dang bright!” It’s perfect for all the off-road enthusiasts who believe in lighting up the path like it’s a runway at LAX. The only downside is you might blind a deer or two. Caution is needed.

Home Star: Plug and Play Linkable Waterproof LED Tube Light!

Easy to install, this product proves DIY is not a nightmare all the time. Awesome for garage and basement ambiances. But on very rare occasions, the switch can be a teeny bit moody.

Jeepinator’s Delight: Nilight – ZH003!

Fog, rain, zombie apocalypse: nothing daunts this sun-in-a-bar. Jeep owners, your nights just got a lot brighter. However, a warranty for only 2 years? Bit of a bummer, but it’s a small price for near-permanent daylight.

Ambient Aficionado’s Bestie: KITVONA Kinetic LED!

It’s like having the Aurora Borealis in your bedroom, also with a side of ocean waves. Perfect for night owls and those prone to late-night pondering. Just remember to setup the timer, don’t want to add insomnia to your list of concerns!

Music Maniac’s Showstopper: Barhootao & Velted RGB Light Bars!

Groove in style with these two bars that are just oozing cool factor with their music sync mode. Only glitch, the USB interface doesn’t come with an adapter, I mean, who doesn’t give you the whole package these days?

As for my recommendation, it depends on your needs really. But if you’re looking for an all-rounder, ELOUYCKE Led Light Bar is a show-pony and a workhorse rolled into one gleaming bundle of light.

So, that’s it from me. And remember, may the “lights” be with you! Winks in LED.

Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.