Top Ten LED Strip Lighting Options

Hey there! In this post, I’ll be diving into the world of LED strip lighting and sharing with you the top ten options out there. Whether you’re looking to add some ambient lighting to your home, create a stunning visual display, or simply upgrade your current lighting setup, LED strip lights are a fantastic choice. So, if you’re ready to discover the best options on the market, then let’s get started!

DAYBETTER LED Strip Lights: Color Changing Kit with Remote
✯ Excellent lighting choice! ✯
Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights H617A
Verdict: Highly Recommended
Nexillumi Color Changing LED Strip - 100 ft
Convenient and customizable
Keepsmile 100ft Bluetooth RGB Led Strip Lights
Tenmiro 100ft LED Strip Lights
Great lighting experience
Excellent lighting choice!
The DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights are a versatile and fun lighting option with easy installation, strong adhesive backing, and support for 16 million colors. The music sync feature adds an extra element of entertainment, although connecting multiple LED strips in series may be limited. Overall, a great choice for adding ambiance to any space.
Enhance Your Space
  • Easy installation
  • Strong adhesive backing
  • Remote control and app control options
  • Music sync feature for a fun light show
  • Limitless RGB color options
  • Adjustable brightness to suit any mood
  • Versatile and can be used in various spaces
  • Limited support for connecting multiple LED strips in series
  • Extension cables for longer distances not provided by the manufacturer

The DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights are a versatile and high-quality lighting solution for any space. With both a smart app and IR remote control, you have multiple options for controlling the lights. Choose from different modes like Flashing, Quick, Jump, and Fade, and explore a wide range of 16 million colors to create the perfect ambiance in your bedroom, desk, or home. The music sync feature adds an exciting touch, as the lights react to the beat of the music, creating a mesmerizing light show. The adhesive on the back of the strips is strong and holds up well, even on textured surfaces. The installation is a breeze, and you can easily adjust the colors, brightness, and sync the lights to music effortlessly using the app or remote control. These lights are truly transformative and will add that magical touch to your home decor or party setup.

Effortlessly Change Your Lighting
  • Smart APP and IR remote control
  • 130 feet length
  • Support for 16 million colors
  • Multiple modes for lighting effects
  • Music sync feature
  • Easy to control and customize lighting settings

Govee RGBIC LED Strip Lights H617A
Verdict: Highly Recommended
The Govee 16.4ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights H617A are a versatile and customizable lighting solution, offering a wide range of colors and effects to suit various occasions and moods. With an easy-to-use app and Bluetooth control, these lights provide convenience and hassle-free operation at an affordable price point. However, it’s important to note that the color segments may be noticeable during animated scenes and it requires a power outlet, making it not USB compatible for TV use.
Enhance your space!
  • Versatile and customizable lighting options for various occasions and moods
  • Long length of 16ft allows for ample coverage and flexibility in placement
  • Easy-to-use app for convenient control of the lights
  • Bluetooth connectivity ensures hassle-free operation without the need for Wi-Fi
  • Affordable price point, offering great value for money
  • Drawbacks:
  • Color segments may be noticeable during animated scenes
  • Requires a power outlet, not USB compatible for TV use

The Govee 16.4ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights H617A are an excellent choice for adding a colorful touch to your bedroom, gaming room, or desk. These smart LED lights are capable of displaying multiple colors on one line at a time, creating a stunning visual impact. With the ability to sync with music and control via Bluetooth, you can easily customize the lighting to match your mood or create a lively atmosphere for parties. While they may not support Alexa, these LED strip lights are still a fantastic option for anyone looking to add some vibrant illumination to their space.

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Vibrant & Customizable Lighting
  • RGBIC LED lights
  • App control
  • Segmented DIY
  • Music Sync Mode
  • Bluetooth control
  • Color changing LED light strips

Nexillumi Color Changing LED Strip – 100 ft
Convenient and customizable
The Nexillumi 100 ft LED Lights for Bedroom with Remote Color Changing LED Strip Lights is an easy-to-install and versatile product that comes with a power cord and a remote control for adjusting brightness and changing colors. It also has a built-in mic for music beat detection and an app for easy control and customization. While some customers have reported a few lights changing color in their daughter’s room and the potential for color interference when bending the lights, overall, this product provides a convenient and customizable lighting solution for bedrooms and bathrooms.
Enhance Your Space!
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a power cord
  • Remote control with multiple options
  • Versatile use in bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Few lights have changed color in the daughter’s room
  • Bending the lights at a certain spot can affect the color of nearby lights

The Nexillumi 100 ft LED Lights for Bedroom with Remote Color Changing LED Strip Lights are the perfect addition to any bedroom or living space. With the ability to adjust brightness, change colors, and turn on/off the lights using the “illumi home” app, you have full control at your fingertips. The built-in mic detects music beats, allowing the LED lights to change colors in sync with the music, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. These lights are incredibly easy to install, simply plug in the beginning and end into the included plug and place the AC plug in a strategic location. With a strong adhesive, the lights stay securely attached to the walls, and the brightness of the LEDs remains consistent over time. Whether it’s for a bedroom or bathroom, these LED lights are a fun and affordable way to enhance any space.

Vibrant Illumination for Every Moment
  • Color changing LED strip lights
  • Remote control for adjusting brightness and changing colors
  • Built-in mic for music beat detection
  • Available app for easy control and customization

Keepsmile 100ft Bluetooth RGB Led Strip Lights
Top Choice
The Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights are a fantastic option for anyone looking to add a splash of color to their space. With easy app control, music syncing capabilities, and a durable design, these lights are perfect for parties, movie nights, or simply brightening up your home decor. While there have been some occasional glitches and adhesion issues reported, the overall consensus is that these app-controlled RGB strip lights are a top choice for creating a vibrant atmosphere.
Easy-to-Use and Versatile
  • Endless rainbow of colors for creating vibrant atmosphere
  • Bluetooth app control for easy customization and music syncing
  • Durable lights that can brighten up a room even at the lowest settings
  • Recommended by others for app-controlled RGB strip lights
  • Suitable for various occasions such as parties, movie nights, and home decor
  • Occasional glitches with some bulbs
  • Adhesion issues with the lights peeling off after a few months

Prepare to transform your living space into a vibrant dance party with the Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights – a riot of colors and rhythm that has taken my home entertainment to the next level! But, fair warning, these lights come with a few quirks that you’ll learn to dance around.

Party All Night: The 100ft of LED goodness is like an endless rainbow at your fingertips. It’s perfect for creating the ultimate atmosphere for movie nights, parties, or just relaxing with a splash of color.

App-Savvy Control: The Bluetooth app control is like having a DJ booth in your pocket. You can sync the lights with your music, set custom color patterns, and even adjust the brightness with a few taps on your smartphone.

Glitchy Glows: Here’s where the party gets a bit wobbly – a couple of the bulbs had glitches when we first bought them. It’s like having a disco ball that occasionally stumbles on the dance floor. However, the glitches were sporadic and didn’t ruin the overall experience.

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Adhesion Adventure: The adhesion could be better – parts of the lights started peeling off after a few months. It’s like a dance partner with slippery shoes, but we simply tacked them back up, and they’ve been hanging on since.

Year-Long Love: Despite the minor hiccups, I’ve had these lights for nearly a year, and they’re still going strong. It’s like having a loyal dance partner who occasionally steps on your toes but keeps the party going.

Recommendation Ready: I’ve recommended these lights to friends, and they’ve fallen in love with them too. It’s like starting a dance craze that spreads like wildfire – everyone wants a piece of the LED action!

In summary, the Keepsmile 100ft Led Strip Lights are a colorful and dynamic addition to any space. While they come with a few adhesion issues and the occasional glitch, they’ve proven their worth over almost a year of use. It’s like having a dance party at your fingertips that you won’t want to end. I’m giving them a solid four stars, with a side note to keep your dance moves ready for any quirks that may pop up along the way!

Endless Color Possibilities
  • APP control and remote control
  • 100 ft length
  • Music and light synchronization
  • Color changing RGB lights
  • Suitable for bedroom/home decor/party/festival use

Tenmiro 100ft LED Strip Lights
Great lighting experience
The Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom 100ft (2 Rolls of 50ft) is an ideal choice for room, home, and party decoration. With its Music Sync function, convenient remote and app control options, vibrant RGB color spectrum, and high-quality materials, it provides a personalized and visually stunning lighting experience. However, the remote may not be very durable and the phone app comes with ads, which could be a minor inconvenience for some users. Overall, it offers great value for the price.
Vibrant & Versatile Lighting
  • Music Sync technology for a personalized light show experience
  • Convenient remote and app control options for easy customization
  • Easy installation with flexible and adhesive strips
  • Vibrant and adjustable RGB color spectrum for visually stunning lighting
  • High-quality materials for durability and a long lifespan
  • The remote may not be very durable and could potentially fall apart within a year
  • The phone app comes with ads, which may be an inconvenience for some users

I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Tenmiro Led Lights for Bedroom, and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! This 100ft set, consisting of 2 rolls of 50ft each, is a game-changer when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere in any space. The standout feature of these lights is the Music Sync technology, which allows the lights to change color and pattern in sync with the rhythm of your favorite tunes. Whether you’re hosting a party or just unwinding after a long day, the dynamic color changes add an extra layer of excitement to any room. With both remote and app control options, installation that is a breeze, vibrant RGB color spectrum, adjustable brightness, and durable construction, these lights are a fantastic addition to any living space. Highly recommended.

Illuminate Your Space with Style
  • Music Sync function
  • Built-in sensitivity adjustable mic
  • Remote and App Control
  • RGB Strip
  • 100ft length (2 rolls of 50ft)
  • Ideal for room, home, and party decoration

Exploring Other LED Strip Options

Choosing the Perfect LED Strip Lights for Your Needs

  • Brightness and Color Accuracy: One crucial aspect of LED strips is their brightness level and color accuracy. Look for strips that offer high lumens output, which indicates brighter lighting. Additionally, check if the strips have a high color rendering index (CRI) to ensure accurate and vibrant colors. This will help create the desired lighting ambiance in your space
  • Length and Flexibility: Assess the length and flexibility of the LED strips. Consider the dimensions of the area where you intend to install them, and ensure the strips are long enough to cover the desired distance. Moreover, look for strips that are easy to cut or bend, allowing you to customize the shape and fit to your specific needs
  • Quality and Durability: LED strips are a long-term investment, so it’s crucial to opt for high-quality and durable options. Ensure that the strips are made from quality materials that can withstand various environments. Look for IP65 or higher ratings, which indicate resistance to dust and moisture. This is particularly important if you plan to install the strips in outdoor or potentially humid areas
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Step-by-step guide to using LED Strips

  • Determine the placement: Decide where you want to install the LED strips, whether it’s on the ceiling, under cabinets, or behind furniture
  • Measure the length needed: Measure the area you want to cover with the LED strips to ensure you purchase the right length
  • Clean the surface: Ensure the surface where you’ll be sticking the LED strips is clean and free from dust or debris
  • Connect the power supply: Connect the power supply to the LED strips according to the instructions provided. Most LED strips come with an adhesive backing, so you can easily stick them to the desired surface
  • Test the connection: Before permanently fixing the LED strips, double-check the connection and test if they light up correctly
  • Secure the strips: If needed, use additional adhesive or clips to secure the LED strips in place to prevent them from falling off
  • Use a remote controller: Many LED strips come with remote controllers, allowing you to adjust the brightness, color, and lighting effects easily
  • Explore color options: Experiment with different colors and lighting effects to find the perfect ambiance for your space
  • Consider smart options: Some LED strips can be connected to smart home systems like Alexa or Google Home, enabling voice control and automation
  • Remember, always refer to the specific instructions provided with your LED strips to ensure safe and optimal usage. Enjoy decorating and lighting up your space with LED strips!

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